AQA GCSE Religious Studies - full revision notes.

These are the notes I used for my exam - they include key teachings, key words, and the religious beliefs of all the main religions we studied (Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism). The topics we did were animal rights, life and abortion, prejudice and religion and war. These really helped when I had my exam...

Hope they help you too. Good luck!


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Religion and Prejudice

Women's Rights: not allowed anything before, had to obey fathers and husbands, but now, yes! After WWI, when women took over men's work while
the men were fighting, their status began to change. Only until last 50 yrs that married women were allowed to work, despite this…

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-see religious teachings for all (if present)

Religions and War

Christianity and War:
-Jesus taught peace, forgiveness and overcoming evil with good ­ he also vigorously opposed wrongdoing e.g. he used force to drive out those who were
turning the Temple into `a den of thieves'
-Roman Catholic Church ­…

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Religions and Peace

Christians and Pacifism:
-some Christians (long ago) who practiced non-violence would not take revenge on even their prosecutors
-Christian pacifists today follow Jesus ­ did not resist arrest and allowed himself to be crucified for love of the human race ­ Jesus taught followers to
live and…

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Religious Views on when Life begins

-life begins even before conception as all living things are caught up in the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Therefore, there is no point in time
where life `begins'.

Hindus and Sikhs
-life begins at conception, when something unique comes into being…

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Rights, Pro-choice and Pro-life

- Law ­ rights for mother, unborn child, mother's existing children ­ no rights for the father ­still his legal responsibility to support his children

Rights of the Unborn Child:
-has a life of some sort (disputes about when that life begins)
-Dependent on mother…

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-sanctity of life
-children are created in the image of God and are a blessing, a precious gift from God
-Roman Catholics + other Christians ­ life beings at conception ­ murder to abort life
-God has given everyone a purpose in life, and abortion goes against the plan…


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Thanks alot. Hav exam in couple of days so i hope this helps.

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