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Religion, Peace and Justice…read more

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Muslim Attitudes towards war...
Jihad means: To struggle in the way of Allah.
Greater Jihad: is the inner struggle to be the best
Muslim possible.
Lesser Jihad: the idea of a Holy War. Some believe
that to protect their religion they need to fight.
Harb al-Muqadis: a Holy War.
The Qur'an sets strict rules about when a Holy War is
Self defence is a cause for war, but Muslims are
forbidden from being the first to attack.…read more

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Doesn't justify Jihad...
If the war is started by a political leader rather than a religious
If trees, animals or crops have not been protected.
If an individual person declares war without the backing of the
Muslim community.
If innocent women or children will be physically harmed.
If the war is aggressive not defensive.
Peaceful ways have not been tried first.
If the purpose of the war is to convert people to Islam.
If the purpose of the war is to gain land or power.
If the war involves the destruction of homes or places of
worship.…read more

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Violence and Pacifism...
The word Islam can mean 'Peace'. When there is
a battle, peace must be restored as soon as
possible.…read more

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Crime and Punishment...
Shari'ah Law is the law on crimes and
punishment and is found in the Qur'an.
There are three types of sin:
Shirk is associated with God eg. Blasphemy
Zalim consists of crime against humanity eg.
Murder, theft.
The third covers lying, swearing and envy.
There are also rules to live by: Forbidden,
Neutral, Recommended, Obligatory…read more

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These punishments or penalties are called
Hudu or boundaries because the boundaries
between right and wrong have been crossed.
Examples of punishments:
Murder: death penalty or forgiveness with
compensation for the family.
Adultery: 100 lashes or stoning to death.
Blasphemy/Lying: being made to drink boiling
Stealing: having ½ hands cut off depending on what
you steal.…read more

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Miss KHP


Great OCR tool to help students cover religion, peace and justice. Nice use of colours covering important terms and topics. 

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