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Religion, peace and justice revision notes-
Christian view of violence

Christians believe that violence should never be the first way of dealing with a situation
They believe that violence may be necessary at times as a last resort
Some believe that violence is completely wrong in all situations as it…

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The aims of punishment

Deterrence ­ to deter the individual from repeating the crime, or to put someone off
from doing the same crime
Protection ­ to protect society and individuals from harm
Reformation ­ to give the criminal a chance to reform and live a better life
Retribution ­…

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o (the flood, in genesis)
o the woman who committed adultery stoned (she wasn't actually stoned, Jesus
saved her)­ John 8
Some Christians still believe that capital punishment is the only way to punish those
criminals who have performed the most serious crimes ­ murder etc.
However most Christians believe…

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o But he wanted to break one of the 10 commandments (do not kill ­ exodus 20)


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