Religion Peace and Justice GCSE B604

my religion peace and justice notes, hope they're helpful. x

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Religion, peace and justice revision notes-
Christian view of violence
Christians believe that violence should never be the first way of dealing with a situation
They believe that violence may be necessary at times as a last resort
Some believe that violence is completely wrong in all situations as it goes against the
commandment to `love thy neighbour' these people would be pacifists
Christians do not believe that war can be easily justified, unless it meets the criteria for a
just war
Christians believe that you need to aim for peace and to maintain justice
Some Christians are pacifists, (Quakers) they believe that violence is wrong in all
When conflict occurs they believe that they have a duty to pray for those involved and
that they may be enlighted by god's guidance and wisdom.
`love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you' Matthew 5
The correct conditions for war ­
Proper authority
o Only a person with proper authority can start a war
Just aims
o Aim to do what is right, eg ­ protect their people and country, not invade
another because "they are powerful enough and they can"
Right intention
o There must be the correct intentions
o There must be a reasonable chance of success.
Last resort
o After all other means have been tried.
Jus ad bellum ­ whether it is right to go to war
Jus in bello ­ correct conduct in war
Jus post bellum ­ correct conduct after the war
The concept of justice
Justice is `fair treatment for all'
Justice is one of the four important good qualities
The concept of justice is present throughout the bible

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The aims of punishment
Deterrence ­ to deter the individual from repeating the crime, or to put someone off
from doing the same crime
Protection ­ to protect society and individuals from harm
Reformation ­ to give the criminal a chance to reform and live a better life
Retribution ­ so that society and its victims can see that the person has been punished
Reparation ­ to allow the criminal to pay for the crime
Vindication ­ to show that the authority of the law…read more

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saved her)­ John 8
Some Christians still believe that capital punishment is the only way to punish those
criminals who have performed the most serious crimes ­ murder etc.
However most Christians believe that Jesus' teaches forgiveness and compassion, so as
Christians try and be like Jesus, they should forgive and be compassionate with others.
Some believe that even though it is correct to punish criminals, capital punishment can
never be justified.…read more

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But he wanted to break one of the 10 commandments (do not kill ­ exodus 20)…read more


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