Religious Education GCSE

Religious education key words.


Key Words- Religous Education- Religon and conflic

Religion and Conflict

Conflict- Clashes and breakdowns of relationships

Interfaith Dialogue- Exploring common grounds between different Faith groups.

Non violent protest- Showing disapproval with out damaging property or causing any threat.

Just war- A war undertaken to protect the innocent or those being violated and to restore justice and peace.

Pacifism- The belief that any form of violence or war is unacceptable.

Reconciliation- Bringing harmony to a situation of disagreement and discord/forgiving someone.

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Key Words- Religion and Medicine

Religion and Medicine

Conscience- An innate moral sence that guides actions and responses

Free will- The belief that nothing is determind

Hippocratic oath- A special promise made by those working in medicine to do there best to preserve a life.

Medical ethnics- The moral princibles that affect medical issues and practice

Quality of life-The extent to which life is meaningfull and pleasurable

Sanctity of life- Life is precious and utterly priceless

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Key Words- Religous Expression

Religious Expression

Community- A group of people who are joined together because they share somehting in common.

Evangelism- Spreading a faith or religon to others

Faith- To have trust or confidence

Identity- The sence of who you are in terms of attitudes, character and personality

Pilgramage- A form of spiritual adventure

Sacred- Something to be revered or respected above other things.

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Key Words- Authority- Religon and State

Authority- Religion and State

Authority- Right or power over others

Duty- Something you do because it is the accepted pattern of behaviour and you must do it

Human Rights- Something a person is entitled to because they are human

Justice- Where everyone has equal provisions and opportunity's

Personal Conviction- Something a person feels strongly about or believes in.

Punishment- A penalty given to someone for a crime or wrong they have done.

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Key Words- Relationships


Chastity- No sex before marriage, remaining sexualy pure untill marriage

Commitment- A sense of dedication and obligation to someone or something

Conflict- The stresses and strais that take place in all human relationships

Love- One of the most powerfullest human emotions that joins people together

Reconcilliation- Saying your sorry/making up after an argument

Responsibility- Actions you are expected to carry out

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Key Words- Is it fair?

Is it fair?

Authority- Power over others through position or moral teaching

Discrimination-The actions of treating groups of people diffrently

Equality- The beleife or state that everyone should have equal rights

Identity- The sence of who you are in terms of attitudes, character and personality

Injustice-Where everyone is not treated with fairness

Prejudice- Judging people to be inferior or superior with out cause.

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Key words- Looking for meaning

Looking for meaning

Afterlife-A beleife that human existence continues after death

Awe-A sence of wonder in relation to God's creation or presence

Community- A group of people who are joined together be because they share something in common

God- The ulitimate and supreme power given worship

Revelation- The ways in which God chooses to reveal himself to people

Symbolism-A representation of an ideal through actions or images

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Key Words- Our World

Our world

Creation-The way in which something is uniquely made

Dominion- Being in charge and having power over others

Environment- The surroundings of the place in which human beings live

Humanity- All of the people who live on earth

Soul- The part of human nature which is spiritual in form and influences an individuals personality

Stewardship- God given responsibility to care for the world

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