GCSE Philosophy and Ethics - Religion, Peace and Justice

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  • RE - Religion, Peace and Justice
    • War
      • Is wrong
        • 'overcome good with evil'
        • 'Nor will they train for war anymore'
        • 'Those who live by the sword die by the sword'
        • 'Turn the other cheek'
        • God hates 'hands they shed in innocent blood'
      • Is right
        • 'Prepare for war'
        • God orders Saul to go and kill the Amalekites (a tribe)
        • Holy war is to defend religion
        • 'Lord is a warrior'
        • Jesus overturned tables in the temple (his only violent act
    • Violence
      • conscientious objector - someone will only fight if they feel it is right
      • Promote peace
        • 'Turn away form evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it' 'blessed are the peacemakers'
        • UN - stop countries fighting, clear landmines and soldiers can only fight in self defense.  Pax Christi - Tries to stop arms Trade (US)
      • Non-peaceful protesters
        • Dietrich Bonhoeffer - involved in a plot to kill Hitler, but he wasn't going to kill him himself
        • Father Camillo Torres  - fought government for better conditions for the poor
      • Peaceful protestors
        • MLK - marches and speeches and protests, were all peaceful
        • Oscar Romero - protested publicly and made radio programmes about fair treatment
    • Justice
      • Criminals
        • God is the judge of people, not us
        • Christians are taught to forgive and love their enemies, so should there be any prisons?
        • Elizabeth Fry - changed prisons by making the conditions better and education them
        • Jesus said 'Those without sin cast the first stone' shows that everyone has done something bad
      • Social Injustice
        • 'When you give to the poor, it is like lending to the Lord and the Lord will pay you back
        • God made us all so we are all equal
        • Christians support the charities for the poor such as CAFOD, MENCAP, Christian Aid etc. as well as Amnesty international
      • Aims of punishment
        • Deterrence
        • Retribution
        • Protection
        • Reformation
        • Vindication
    • Liberation Theology
      • Follow Jesus' example, 'Spirit of the Lord is on me...He has sent me to...release the oppressed
      • Originated in South America, Mexico by Catholics
      • Oscar Romero and Camillo Torres joined, they campaigned for poor people


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