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Young People

Birth / Initiation Ceremonies

Baptism. Holy water on forehead.


--> Boys circumsicised, girls named in synagogue

--> Bar Mitzvah (aged 13, for Boys) / Bat Mitzvah (aged 12, for girls)


These help remind people of past events, and strengthen their beliefs.


--> Easter. Chocolate eggs given symbolise new life.


--> Passover. Remembers God saving the Jews from the Egyptians who had enslaved them

Problems of religious life/beliefs for young people:

--> Peer pressure

--> Marginalisation - Feeling left out due to spending so much time with religious activities

--> Generation gap - Young people pressured to follow their religion as their parents do


--> Empowerment, purpose and belonging.


Ensure young people understand religion, through: 

--> RS lessons

--> School assemblies

War & Peace

Peace: A state where war does not exist

Justice: Where a state of fairness exists (People treated equally)

Sanctity of life

Meaning: Life is a sacred, God-given gift. All violence opposes the sanctity of life

Christianity: "Your body is a temple of God... surely you know God's spirit lives within you"

Judaism: "Do not kill"

Types of warfare/conflict

Conventional, nuclear, chemical, terrorism etc.

Just War

Meaning: If the war


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