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Religion and Prejudice ­ Revision Notes

Prejudice: means to pre-judge someone or something, usually without any real evidence to base
that judgement on (In most cases it is negative). We use the word to describe a person's dislike of
certain other people, when they have no good reason.]

Discrimination: is…

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Justice - All persons have the same value and worth, and equal human rights to live and work freely.
They should be treated fairly and according to the law.

Harmony- Essentially, living at peace with others. It requires people to act justly and have tolerance
and understanding of others.


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Dhammapada 393-4
The only thing which leads to becoming a Brahmana (being Buddha like) is truth and righteousness ­
appearance, wealth, class etc. do not mean anything.

World Fellowship of Buddhists 1984
Nationalism and racism are forms of greed and hatred which result from ignorance. Buddhism wants
the unity of…


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