Religious Education (RE/RS): All Revision Notes

Here is a (huge) document with lots of notes for students taking the Edexcel RE Short Course exam. This will probably suit people taking the Full Course too. It involves information from all five sections: Marriage and the Family, Social Harmony, Life after Death, Believing in God, Evil and Suffering. It covers Christianity and Islam. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :D

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Re-constituted family = where two sets of children (stepbrothers and
sister) become one family when their divorced parents marry each other
The sanctity of life = that all life is holy and sacred, it is a gift from God
and only God has the right to give life or take it away
Abortion = the removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive
Resurrection = the belief that, after death, the body stays in the grave
until the end of the world, when it is raised
Immortality of the soul = the idea that the soul lives on after the death
of the body
A near death experience = where you die for a few minutes but then are
brought back to life
Miracle = something that seems to break the laws of science and makes
you think that "only God could have done this"
Conversion = when your life is changed by giving yourself to God
Numinous = the feeling of the presence of something greater then you,
for example looking up at the stars
Causation = the idea that everything has been caused (started off) by
something else
Atheism = believing that God does not exist
Prayer = an attempt to contact God, usually through words
Design = when things are connected and seen to have a purpose, for
example, the workings of the eye
Faithfulness = staying with your marriage partner and having sex only
with them
Religious freedom = the right to practice your religion and change your

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Purpose = reason for which something is done or exists
Meaning = intend to convey meaning or express sense of significance
Agnosticism = not being sure whether or not God exists
Moral evil = actions done by humans that cause suffering
Natural evil = things that cause suffering, but have nothing to do with
humans for example earthquakes
Omnipotent = the belief that God is all powerful
Omniscient = the belief that God knows all that has happened and all
that will happen
Benevolent =…read more

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Racial harmony = different races living together in peace
Sexism = discrimination on the grounds of gender. The attitude that one
sex (usually men) is better than the other (usually women). This stems
from sexual stereotyping.…read more

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One parent family = where only one of the parents is bringing up the
children (this could be due to separation, divorce, death of marriage
partner or unmarried parent
Reasons for a Christian marriage:
So that couples can have a life long relationship of love and
So that a couple can have the support and comfort of each other
For the procreation of children
For the bringing up of a Christian family
Features of a Christian Marriage:
Readings from the bible (advice on…read more

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Traditions in the Marriage ceremony (Islam):
Groom gives a gift to the bride (Mahr)
Read passages from the Quran
Both sign a contract in front of at least two witnesses
Prayers for the future of the marriage and the gift of children,
given by the imam.…read more

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Christian attitude to pre-marital sex:
Completely wrong because:
Sex was given to humans by God for the procreation of children so
it must take place within a married family
The bible says that fornication (pre-marital sex and promiscuity) is
All the churches teach that pre-marital sex is wrong
Roman Catholic attitudes to divorce:
Does not allow divorce
Divorce can only happen if one dies
Allow annulments
Protestant / orthodox attitudes to divorce:
Divorce is wrong, but possible
Might be "the lesser of…read more

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Couple reconsider their position
Stay in the same home, no physical contact
Financial duties for women must be met
If it was the husband who applied for a divorce, he must announce
it 3 times during iddah
Step 2:
Extended family get involved
A member on each side of the family will mediate for the couple
Step 3:
If divorce continues, both parents are now free to remarry
Husband gets legal custody (to pay or look after the children)
Divorce in Islam Attitudes (2):…read more

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Not allowed except for an annulment
Protestant/orthodox attitudes:
Allowed if the priest agrees to it
Sometimes asked to show facts of why the previous marriage
Church of England attitudes:
Up to individual priests whether to remarry a couple
How Christians can affair proof their marriage
Family Life
Why family life is important to Muslims:
Children are a gift from god and Muslims will be judged by God on
how well they brought up their children
Muslims are expected to follow…read more

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Why family life has changed in the UK:
More mothers are in paid employment and use grandparents to
look after children (extended family)
More divorces so more single parents
Cohabiting parents are having children as don't have to get
There are more reconstituted families as people divorce and
For Christian Churches keeping families together:
Stops children from being brought up by only one parent
Protect people from feeling hurt
Helps preserve nuclear families
Against Christian churches keeping families together:
Create "evil" in the…read more

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People getting pregnant at a young age
People get married for the wrong reasons e.g. money, to see if it
works etc.…read more



this is a really good revision tool for rs, it is really detailed and I found it really useful :)

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