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Why do people go to war?
Defend their country. Defend an ally. Remove their own leader. Gain land or reclaim territory. Gain wealth or natural resources. Stop things such as genocide or get rid of a dictator
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What is a holy war?
Holy wars have religious aims and goals. They are authorised by God or religious leaders. Those who take part believe they will gain a spiritual reward
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What does PJPAL stand for?
Proportional, Just cause, Proper authority, Achievable aim, Last resort
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What is pacifism?
The belief that violence against other human beings is wrong
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What do pacifists believe?
That killing goes against teachings in sacred writings. War causes suffering, bitterness and hatred. War damages the environment and wastes lives and resources.
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What are quakers?
Christian pacifists- follow the example of Jesus who taught his followers to live and work for peace
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What are the three weapons of mass destruction?
Biological weapons, chemical weapons, Nuclear weapons
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What are biological weapons?
Have bacteria or viruses in them
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What are the arguments for possessing nuclear weapons?
Possession acts as a deterrent, countries which posses them are unlikely to attack each other, makes a country vulnerable if they are disposed altogether
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What are the arguments against nuclear weapons?
Possession poses a threat to humanity, destruction caused cannot be justified, use goes against the principal of the Just War, all religions oppose the use of them and support disarament
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Name a christian quote to oppose war
"Do not murder" (the 10 commandments)
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Name another christian quote to oppose war.
"Blessed are the peacemakers"
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Go for another christian quote to oppose war
"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"
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And another christian quote to oppose war
"He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword"
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Keep going with the christian quote to oppose war
"Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody"
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another Christian quote to oppose war for luck
Sanctity of life: All life is sacred and holy
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Now on to christian quotes for supporting war
"Call the troops to arms, declare a holy war"
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Christian quote to support war
"There is no greater love than this, that a man should lay down his life for his friends"
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One more quote christians would use to support war
"Whoever has no sword must sell his coat and buy one"
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Why would some Christians argue that Jesus was not a pacifist?
He was in conflict with the authorities and drove out the traders in the temple in anger
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Why would some christians argue that Jesus WAS a pacifist?
His non-violent reaction to his own arrest and death.
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What is Muslims criteria for going to war?
Fought for God, Last resort, conducted fairly, for the protection of civilians, for the restoration of peace, the war ends when the aim is met
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What are peacekeepers?
Peacekeepers police areas of conflict to promote security, law and order. Peacekeeping organistaions include NATO and the UN
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What does prejudice mean?
Thinking badly of people because of the group they belong to
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What does discrimination mean?
Actions that occur due to prejudice
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What is stereotyping?
Creating an over simplified image of someone and applying it to everyone in a group
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What is positive discrimination?
Mean treating people more favourably because of what they are.
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What are some of the reasons for people being prejudice?
Fear and uncertainty can lead to scapegoating, Lack of education, background, media influences, They have been victims of prejudice
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Responses to prejudice?
Sex discrimination act 1975, Race relations act 1976, Disability Discrimination act 1995, Equality act 2006
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What did Mahatma Gandhi do?
Fought against prejudice in South Africa and India. Protests/civil disobedience/speeches
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What isa famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi?
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"
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What did Martin Luther King do?
Christian who was involved in the Civil rights movement. Protests/marches/speeches
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What is a famous quote by Martin Luther King?
"Everybody is somebody because he is a child of God"
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Christian quote against prejudice
"There is no jew nor greek, male or female, slave or free for you are all one in Christ"
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Another christian quote against prejudice
"God made humans in his image"
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Christian quote against prejudice
"Love thy neighbour"
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Another christian quote against Prejudice
"When an alien comes to your land treat him as your native born"
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What is a quote that would suggest religious believers are prejudice?
"Women should be silent in churches"- Paul
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What is a muslim quote against prejudice?
"All of you descend from Adam and Adam was made of earth. There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-arab nor for anon-arab over an arob, neither for a white man over a black man nor a black man over a white man.
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What is a muslim teaching about prejudice?
Allah does not look upon your outward appearance; he looks upon your hearts and deeds.
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What is agape?
Unconditional love
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What would agape mean to religious believers?
That people should be treated failry, regardless of teir gender, age, race or religion
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Name one example of Christians being racist
The crusaders killed thousands of Muslims in the name of christianity.
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Name another example of christians being racist
The Jim Crow laws in the USA 1920's onwards.
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Why would christians say that women are not equal to men?
Eve was called a helpmate for Adam- she was made from his rib. Women are blamed for eating the apple and causing evil. Christians argue that women are not to be trusted
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What is another reason christians would say that women are not equal to men?
There were no female disciples of Jesus. J
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What is a reason for christians saying that men and women could be equal?
In the Church of England and most protestant churches women can be vicars or ministers
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Name an example of Muslims being against racism and sexism
During pilgrimage Muslims wear simple white garments to show they are all equal in the eyes of Allah
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Name another example of Muslims being against prejudice
Anyone may become a muslim, no matter what their background
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Why would Christians be against abortion?
Sanctity of life: All life is scared and holy
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What is another quote to support why Christians would be against abortion?
"God gives life, God takes life
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Why would Muslims be against abortion?
Muslims believe in the sanctity of life
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What is a muslim quote to support that they are against abortion?
"Allah givces daughters to whom he will and sons to who he wishes"
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When do Roman Catholics believe that life begins?
Roman catholics believe that life begins at conception. This is when the sperm fertilises the egg. At conception the fertilised egg gains a soul.
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In what week of pregnancy does the heart start beating?
4th week.
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At what week would the child be able to survive on its own?
24th week
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When does the Church of England believe that lifes begins?
They belive that life begins at the very early stages of conception.
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Why would muslims be against abortion?
Life is sacred because it is a gift from Allah
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At what week are you allowed to get an abortion till?
24 weeks
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How are humans different from animals?
Human intelligence, the ability to make decisions, consider moral behaviour. Humans have souls
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How should humans treat animals?
Religions teach that although animals are not equal to humans they should still be cherished and respected as part of the natural world.
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What are two examples of groups who protect animal rights?
WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) and the RSPCA
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How are animals protected by law?
British laws protect animals from cruelty and neglect. Some living creatures cannot be kept as pets. Conducting animal experiments for cosmetics is illegal in the UK. Foxhunting and dogfighting is illegal in the UK.
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How do religious believers feel about animal rights?
They do not believe that they have the same rights as humans, but that they should be protected, managed and cared for with respect because as stewards we need to respect God's creations.
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Why would religious believers think that they have dominion over animals?
Human beings were created last- Everything else was created both for us to use and to make the earth an attractive and viable place to live.
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What is one way Dominion could be interpreted?
Stewardship- this implies responsibility, care. Pass on to future generations
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What is the other way dominion could be interpreted?
To rule over. Dominate. Control
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What does it mean if humans are 'stewards'?
If we are stewards it means that the earth and everything in it belongs to God and we should look after it, we do not have the right to abuse it.
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What do most Christians think about animals?
They believe that God created animals for a purpose and this is usually seen as being of value and support to humans. We have a duty to care for animals.
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What is a reason for christians wanting to look after animals?
Jesus spoke about the value of every living creature, even each individual sparrow
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Animal rights quote
"Everything that lives and breathes will be food for you. Just as I give you the green plants, now I give you everything."
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Animal rights quote
"All foods may be eaten, but it is wrong to eat anything that will cause someone else to fall into sin"
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Muslim animal rights quote
"Eat the lawful and good food that Allah has provided for you... He has forbidden only carrion, blood and swine-flesh (pork)"
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What is muslims view on using animals for entertainment?
They believe that animals have feelings and a reason for living. Animals may be hunted for food, but not for sport. Allah will hold people accountable if they kill an animal for no purpose.
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