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Topic 1-6

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Rafi Galkoff
RS Revision Notes
Topic 1
1A. Characteristics of G-d
1. Leader- "G-d commanded"
2. Creator- "G-d created the heaven and the earth"
3. Protector- "G-d saw it was good"
4. Powerful- "Let there be light. And there was light"
5. Generous- "I have given you everything"
6. Humble- "Let us make man"
7. Judge- Flood, Garden of Eden
8. Wise- Everywhere
9. Omnipresent- G-d is everywhere
10. Omniscient ­ All knowing
11. Patient- Jews in the desert
12. Omnipotent- All Powerful
13. Eternal- Wont ever die, will always be here
14. Infinite- No limits to G-d
Big 4 are Bold
1B. The 4 Arguments for the existence of G-d
The Cosmological Argument - This argument argues that there was a "first
cause" for everything, which is G-d.
The Teleological Argument- This argument argues that the world is to
complex to be made by man and therefore must be made by G-d.
The Moral Argument- This argument argues that everyone has the same set
of morals (e.g. Don't kill) meaning it must have come from the same place,
which is G-d.
The Historical Argument- This argument argues that over the course of
Jewish history G-d has protected the Jewish people proving there can only be 1
1C. Miracles
Act of G-d
Timely Occurrence
Out of the ordinary
Defies a law of nature

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Rafi Galkoff
Open Miracles
Clear demonstration of G-d in the world
Act of G-d
Contravenes law of nature
Timely occurrence
E.g. Splitting of red sea
E.g. Burning Bush
A* Point- Open Miracles are another proof of G-ds existence
Closed Miracles
A possible logical explanation
Does not defy the laws of nature
An act of G-d
Timely events
E.g. David and Goliath
E.g. Birth of a child (Personal)
Topic 2
2A.…read more

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Rafi Galkoff
Jews may chose to worship in Public and in Private. These are represented
as the Home and the Synagogue.
To remember
Concentration/ focus
Only fast on sad and serious days
Jews are forbidden to fast on happy occasions
Request- Fast for water
To learn
Food On Festivals
Rosh Hashanah- Apple and Honey, Pomegranate, Sweet Foods, Honey
Cake, Head of Fish
Chanukah- Doughnuts, Chocolate money, Latkes, Oily food
Pesach- Matzo
Yom Kippur- Nothing
Tubishvat- Fruit
Shavuot- Dairy Foods (cheesecake)
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Rafi Galkoff
The Soul is...
The spiritual side of a person (that is part of G-d)
Individuality of a Person
A Soul provides life
The Soul is eternal
The body without a soul cant work. The Soul can live without a body but
the body cant live without the soul.
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Rafi Galkoff
Funeral Customs
Wash body
Quick burial
White clothing
Mourner not wear leather
Tear mourners clothes
Low chairs
Bury with old books
Saying Kaddish
Remove non- body from the body
Cover mirrors in Shiva house
Topic 6
6A. Jewish ideas about the origins of the world and humanity.
Day What Was Created
Day One Heaven and the Earth
Day Two Sky and Earth
Day Three Plants and fruit.…read more

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Rafi Galkoff
The universe has one creator, which is god. This quote is a clear example of the
design argument.
Origin of Humanity
God said, " Let us make man in our image and likeness. Let him dominate the fish
of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock animals and all the earth, every land
animal that walks the earth" God thus created man with His image.…read more

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Rafi Galkoff
If an organism has a trait that helps it survive or reproduce, it is more likely to
survive and be able to reproduce. A faster cheetah is more likely to catch a
gazelle and survive, and a faster gazelle is more likely to escape the cheetah
and survive.
5. Organisms that survive and reproduce pass their traits to their offspring,
and the helpful traits gradually appear in more and more of the population.…read more

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Rafi Galkoff
6B. Jewish ideas about the place of humanity in the world and the
relation between people and animals.
The Place Of Humanity In The World
The center of the world is exactly where you stand
Babylonian Talmud Tractate Bechorot Page 8
The world revolves around you
6C. Environment
Stewardship- `looking after something on behalf of someone". We are looking
after the earth on behalf of G-d.
Festivals are based around the agricultural cycle.
Shmittah Years- 1/7 years we do not farm.…read more

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Rafi Galkoff
Absence of G-d
Has a purpose
Is evil good?
Created by G-d (Natural Disasters are Natural Evil)
Moral Evil (Humans vs. Humans)
Without Moral evil we can't define what is good as there is no balance
Jewish Beliefs about Satan
Judaism believes that Satan is a challenge or a test to chose evil over good, or
making choosing good difficult. Christianity believes that Satan is the evil
opponent of G-d and is pure evil.…read more

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Rafi Galkoff
5. Rituals
6. Religious Leaders
1. Special Revelation (direct communication e.g. prophets)
2. Communal events (Mount Sinai)
3. Open Miracles (Splitting of the Red Sea)
General Revelation
Available to everyone
E.g. Nature
Special Revelation
Direct (G-d himself)
E.g.…read more


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