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Religion and Early
By Lara Hyson
-AQA syllabus, Religion and Life Issues…read more

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The `Miracle of Life'
· A `miracle of life' is the idea that life is wonderful, amazing or
special. When a couple who have been trying to conceive and
finally do, they call it a `miracle of life'.
· Many people mark the birth of a new baby with a ceremony
to show thankfulness. Religious people tend to see children as
a `Blessing', the idea that God has favoured a couple with a
· Religions teach that life is sacred and precious because it is
God-given. This is called the `Sanctity of Life'. Buddhists,
Hindus and Sikhs believe that every life should be valued as
every person deserves a chance to build up good Karma.…read more

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When Does Life Begin?
What is meant by `life'?
·Is it at Conception?
·Development of the backbone/spinal cord?
·When the heart starts beating?
·When the foetus is viable? (where the foetus could be born
and still survive)…read more

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Religious Views
· Buddhists believe in the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
· Hindus and Sikhs believe life begins at conception, as do some
Jews and Roman Catholics.
· Muslims believe there is potential life from the moment of
conception, but a foetus receives a soul after 120 days.…read more

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Quality of Life
· Quality of life is a measure of fulfillment.
· If a child is born with a severe disability, they may live a life
full of suffering or pain.
· An unwanted child wont receive as much love and affection.
This may be because the mother is too young, or isn't ready
for commitment.
· Some people can't afford a child. If they have a large family,
looking after another younger child may affect the quality of
life other family members.
But what justifies ending a pregnancy?…read more

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Abortion and the Law
· Abortion= Deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually
before 24 weeks.
· There is no limit to the amount of time if a mothers life is in
· In an emergency, a second doctors opinion isn't needed, but
usually it is.
· Some abortions are carried out to reduce the number of
foetuses in a woman's womb.
· The law does not consider the rights of the father.
· A woman can have an abortion if:
· The woman may die otherwise
· There is a substantial risk of the baby being born disabled
· There is a risk to the woman's physical or mental health
· There is a physical or mental health to their existing children…read more

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