Religion and Early Life

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Religion and Early Life

When does life begin?

- Pre conception,

- conception,

- viability ( 22 weeks,)

- Ensoulment ( 120 days,)

- Birth.

what is ment by quality of life?

Is a measure of fulfilment, it can be determind by poverty, disabilities, the family ( eg unwanted or unplanned)

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Religion and Early Life

Why have children?

- Expresion of love between two people,

- Children can look after parents when they are elderly,

- One of ten commandments " honor your mother and farther,"

- Carry the family naem,

what is meant by ...

Sanctity of life - the idea that all life is God given and should therfore be protected and loved as it is holy and sacred. Only God has a right to take it away.

The mirica of life - the idea that life is wonderfull and amazing or a special concept.  

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Religion and Early Life

Abortion: ( the removal of a foetus from the womb to end a pregnancy.)

pro choice

- Its the womens right,

- Some beleive life doesnt start untill the baby is born,

- There may be a risk to the mothers health,

- womens circumstances ( eg . poverty and quality of life for the baby and mother.)

- The world already is overpopulated

- the baby's welbeing must be concidered ( eg. disability.)

Pressure Group - Abortion Rights is a national campaign that oppses lowering 24 week time limit and incorages equal acces to abortion for every women werever they live.

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Religion and Early Life

Pro Life :

- Abortion is murder,

- Depression and guilt in the mother my follow,

- Disabled people can stil live a happy fulfilled life,

- Unwanted children may be adopted to those who cannot have there own,

- Each person is unique and cold offer something valuable to society.

Pressure group - The society for the protection of unborn children (SPUC) argues against abortion were it is only acceptable is the mother health is in daynger.

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Religion and Early Life

Religious Veiws:

CHRISTIANITY:- Beleive in the sancity of life and the miracle of life.

- They beleive life begins at conception ( therfore abortion is wrong as it brakes one of the ten commandments "you shall not murder.")

-  Many Methodists and Anglicans will agree with abortion under certain circumstances ( lesser of two evils)  however Roman Catholics are always pro life. "God created man in his own image" therfore you are dirospecting God.


- Beleive in sancity of life and the miracle of life,

- some beleive life begins at contraception ( therfore abortion is forbidden) however some beleive in ensoulment ( after 120 days) thefore abortion is acceptable before this point. " To kill them is a grievous sin."

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Religion and Early Life

key words:

- Adoption - the legal process where a person is taken into a family as a son or daughter,

- Fostering - taking a child from a different family into a family home and bringng them up with intent of giving he / she back to there birth parents.

- Viable - the point at wich a foetus could survive if it where to be born,

- Comception - were the sperm and egg meet,

- Pressure group - collections of people outside goverment who campaing for changes in society,

- Abortion - the delibrate termination of a pregnancy before 24 weeks ( legally) or viable.

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