AQA Religious Studies Specification B: Religion & Life: Early Life

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  • Religion & Life
    • When Does Life Begin?
      • Islam - Ensoulment (120 days)
      • Roman Catholics - an embryo is a person and therefore has rights
      • Buddhists- life begins before conception because of reincarnation
    • Evaluating Both Sides
      • Pro-Life: opposed to abortion - in favour of the fetus
        • Pressure Groups
          • SPUC (society of protection for unborn children)
        • Not in favour
          • It forces religious beliefs onto people
          • The woman could've been *****
          • It should be the woman's choice
          • What if the child would end up abused?
          • May be financially unstable
        • In favour
          • A child shouldn't have to die
          • The child could be put up for adoption if not wanted
          • Abortion can end up being used as 'free contraception'
      • Pro-Choice: in favour of a woman's right to choose an abortion
        • Pressure Groups
          • Abortion Rights
          • Woman's Choice
        • In favour
          • It's the woman's choice
          • The woman could've been *****
          • It may be bad for the woman's mental health
          • She may be unable to support a child financially
          • She may have a genetic disorder which would be passed on
        • Not in favour
          • The woman could put the child up for adoption
          • The child has a right to life
          • It's murder
          • The dad doesn't get a say
          • It's inhumane
    • Overarching Concepts
      • Buddhists: Life should be valued as every person deserves a chance to do well and build good karma
      • Christians: Sanctity of Life & the idea it is God-Given
      • Islam: Tawhid/ The Unity of God
    • How could we justify terminating a pregnancy?
      • Severe Disability
        • Case Study: Ellie Simmons, Paralympic champion
      • An unwanted child (conceived through ****)
      • Poverty (child won't have a good quality of life)
      • Mother's mental health would be diminished
      • If the child would end up abused / uncared for
    • Key Facts
      • 185,000 abortions take place every year
      • Most abortions are carried out early
      • Doctors who disagree with abortion don't have to carry them out
      • The Law
        • Abortion was illegal until 1967
        • Became legal with two conditions under the 1987 abortion act and 1990 human fertilisation and embryology act
          • Condition 1: the woman would die otherwise
          • Condition 2: risk of mental /physical health of the child
        • Law now: legal up until 28 weeks then illegal unless the mothers life is in danger


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