Religion & Early Life

Religion & Early Life

Key Words

Miracle of Life: The idea that life is wonderful, amazing and special 

Sanctity of Life: Life is sacred because it is God given

Blessing: The idea that God has favoured a couple with a child 

Abortion: Permitted up to 24 weeks if two Dr's agree (illegal in Northern Ireland unless saving the life of the mother)

Viable: The point at which a foetus could survive if born early 

Pro life: Opposed to abortion, in favour of the life of the foetus

Pro choice: In favour of a womens right to choose abortion

'You shall not murder' 

'Allah has a plan for each life' 

'God is interested and involved in each humans life' 

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Religion & Early Life

Religious Teachings on the Sanctity of Life

Christians- God is interested and invloved in each humans life. Life is sacred and a gift from God. Only God should take life away. Abortion is not allowed unless there is a choice between the mother's or childs life.

Islam- Every soul has been created by Allah. Allah has a plan for each life. Muslims believe the child does not receive its soul until 120 days after conception. Until this point the mothers rights are considered more important than the childs. 

SPUC- Society for the Protection of Unborn Children - wants abortion to be illegal - unless the mothers life is at danger. 

Abortion Rights- Defends safe, legal abortions. Opposes any lower of the 24 week limit. 

Relgious views on Fostering and Adoption

The Roman Catholic Church encourage adoption as an alternative to abortion. 

Muslims believe more in blood ties, so fostering is more acceptable. 

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