Religion and Early Life


Religion and Early Life

Key Words

Abortion- The deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually within 24 weeks.

Conception- The point at which the sperm fertilizes the egg to create a foetus.

Sanctity of Life- The belief that life is sacred or God given.

Quality of Life- In this particular topic, it refers to the kind of life the child will have.

Miracle of life-  Life is wonderful, amazing, special; the odds are stacked against a foetus being created.

Blessing- The idea that God has favoured a couple with a child.

Viable- The point at which a foetus can survive on it's own accord ( usually 24 weeks)

Adoption- The legal process in which a child is taken into the family as a permanent fixture, therefore the family isn't paid. This is an alternative to abortion.

Fostering- The temporary process in which a child is taken into a family, until the mother is ready to look after the child.

Pro-choice- Campaigning for the rights of the mother; it is her right to choose.

Pro-life- Campaigning for the rights of the foetus; the foetus is a living being with potential in future life.

Absolute morality- The belief that something is always right or wrong, never in limbo.

Relative morality- The belief that something depends on the circumstance whether it is right or wrong. 

Pressure groups- Groups outside the government that campaign for change in society e.g. Fathers 4 Justice.

Secular- Non-religious.

When does life begin?

 Buddhists- Life begins at conception, so Buddhists believe that abortion is going against the First Precept, which is not to kill.




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