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Jung's Theory
By Alison, Eulalia and Amber…read more

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Jung's theory
· Spent time with Freud.
· Rejected many of Freud's views.
· Religion not caused by neurosis by sexual trauma.
· Religion is not dangerous and shouldn't be
· Religion is a natural process from unconscious mind
· Stems from archetypes from UM.
· Religion is beneficial to psyche.
· Removal of religion-lead to psychological problems.
· Dismissed the Oedipus complex.…read more

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Jung's theory
· Worked with schizophrenia (S) patients-lead him to
disbelieve Freud sexual trauma.
· (S) is neurosis but is not a sexual one.
· Unconvinced that baby's suckling was sexual act.
· Libido (the cause for neuroses) is more complicated
the sex drive.…read more

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