Religion as a personal spiritual search

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  • Religious as personal spiritual search
    • With no religions that can be seen as right or wrong, it is therefore up to the individual to select their own mini-narrative
    • Some will adopt beliefs and ideas found within traditional religions, though keeping with the rejection of absolute truth, they may just interpret it as symbolic
    • Jung's emphasis on the symbolic value of the figure of Jesus Christ as an image of psychological balance and wholeness. Others will use images from outside the bounds of traditional religion.
    • The wide range of religions which to choose has be termed the 'religious supermarket' and choosing your own religion has been called the 'pic and mix approach'
      • James Beckford, for example, writes "At the modern supermarket of faith, the consumer seeks to pick and mix religious items to match their commitment and faith
    • Anti-realist Culpitt suggests that although God really exists, he is an idea within believers.


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