Jung's theory

Mindmap explaining briefly Jung's main theories of religion

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  • Jung's theory
    • Collective Unconscious
      • Container for Archetypes- blueprints of all beliefs, ideas and images
      • "Two million year old man in your head" From evolutionary times
      • We all have it "collective" so there's similarities between our cultures and religions
    • Archetypes
      • Experiences of the collective unconscious projecting into mind
        • For process of individuation
          • The process of growing into a mentally healthy adult and you grow and focus more on the internal than the external
      • Inherited, Intellectual, Universal, Innate
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      • Non religious- Shadow and Persona
    • God Archetype
      • Projects religious images into subconscoius through dreams leading to a more religious outlook and molar compass
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    • Self Archetype
      • God-Self archetype, religious images represent wholeness e.g. "Buddha" promotes religous and psychological balance
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