Asses relationship religion and mental health

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  • Asses the relationship between religion and mental health
    • JUNG
      • Religion causes mental stability
      • Removal of religion= psychological problems
      • Concept of God (farther figure) all loving = balances psyche = mental stability
      • Helps us individuate
      • Balances the libido
      • Gives us sense and purpose
      • John F Schumaker = Good social welfare, solidarity, stability in times of crisis.
    • FREUD
      • Religion = neurotic illness caused by repression of sexual trauma (Oedipus Complex)
      • Causes Guilt and Anguish = increased anxiety and depression
      • Religion perpetuates problem of obsessional neurosis
      • Religion = heightened sense of guilt and fear. Image of angry God, who seeks revenge after death.
      • Religion= prevents psyche from flourishing- dependant on faith so don't find our own solutions to difficulties.
    • Freud:  Religion harmful to mental heath
    • Modern idea: Lack of extensive research
    • Modern
      • Positives: Reduce anxiety. Explains order in chaotic world. Satisfy need to be in a community.
      • Negatives: Unhealthy guilt, reduce self-esteem. Dependant on God. Forces people to conform. Social division. Fear of punishment and judgement.
      • Many variables such as personality
    • Jung: Religion positive to mental health


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