Psychology Conformity Questions

AQAB psychology conformity questions for the social influence section of the paper.

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Previous Exam Questions on
Conformity; All of Which Are From Past
Give two examples of group norms which might occur amongst friends (2 marks)
Max is a member of a jury in a complicated trial. He feels he has little in common
with the other jurors. When the jury starts to discuss a verdict, each member is
asked in turn to state his or her opinion. All the other members say that the
defendant is guilty. Max is the last to give his opinion. From the description above,
identify three factors likely to increase the probability that Max will conform with
a guilty verdict (3 marks)
`A group of friends has to decide where to go on holiday. Susan wants to go on a
sightseeing tour, but the majority of the group wants to go on a beach holiday.
Asch investigated different factors that might influence whether or not a person
conforms to a group norm. Briefly explain how two of these factors might affect
Susan's conformity with the group (4 marks)
Distinguish between compliance and internalisation as types of conformity (3

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A group of designers have to decide on a new company logo. The majority of the
group prefer a modern logo but Jack prefers a more traditional design. Identify
two factors which, according to Asch, might affect whether or not Jack conforms
to the group norm.…read more

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Psychologists have suggested that there are different explanations for conformity.
Read the descriptions of behaviour below:
o James knows that his friends want to go to an open air pop festival for a
weekend in the summer. Although he does not really like pop festivals,
James decides that he will go on the festival trip with his friends
o Gemma thinks that she does not really understand politics. However, her
friends are all active supporter of the Green Party.…read more


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