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  • Conformity- the change in behaviour of the minority to fit the behaviour of the majority
  • Jenness 1932 Beans in a Bottle
  • Asch said research was limited because a group estimate was asked for
  • Aherif 1935 Autokinect effect
  • Improvement over Jenness group norm reached of own accord
  • Both research are limited Sherif is ambiguous does not reflect real conformity

AIM- Investigate the effect of group pressure in an unambiguous situation he wanted to find when posed with an obviously incorrect answer whether the participant would give a conformed or independant response.


  • 123 males 7-9 groups of students from local colleges
  • Told psychological experiment on visual judgement asked to compare lengths of lines
  • 2 white cards 1st standard 2nd showed 3 vertical lines
  • Verbally report which lines matched this was repeated 18 times
  • Naive participant sat second to last seat unaware of the confederates
  • Confederated gave incorrect answers 12 our of 18 critical trials
  • Ensured majority of answers were herd before they answered
  • 123 participants were naive and could give conformed or inependant response
  • Debriefed and interviewed about their responses and behaviour
  • Modifications truthful partner gave correct aswer for 6 trials, then conformed or left deserting the naive participant altering the size of the group 


  • Ordinary circumstances less than 1% of mistakes given for correct line
  • Proves 36.8% conformed in the critical trials
  • 75% conformed at least once 25% never conformed
  • Those gave independant response said 'they called the play as they saw it'
  • Participants which conformed underestimated the frequency to which


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