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Attachment is measured according to:
1. Separation anxiety the child becomes anxious when the caregiver is
2. Reunion behaviour the child's response when the caregiver returns
3. Stranger anxiety the child's ability to distinguish between the caregiver
and someone else
4. Exploring environment the child is comfortably attached and…

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Longitudinal study in natural environment

Observations & diary records

Study consisted of 60 babies in Glasgow; visiting them monthly for the first year and then returning again at 18 months.

Measured attachment via:

(1) Separation Anxiety- If the baby showed anxiety or distress when the caregiver left them ­the baby…

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Pre-attachment (0-2 months): Little discrimination between familiar && unfamiliar people

Attachment in the making (2-7 months):Recognition of familiar people but on stranger

Specific attachment (approx. 7 months):Separation protest && stranger anxiety develops

Multiple attach (soon after):One main attachment figure (monotrophy) but others too

Reciprocal relationships:Predicting && controlling responses of…

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Infants may have stronger preferences than Schaffer and
Emerson allow for
Infants show preference for mothers face within 24 hours of birth
Other evidence suggests recognition of mother's voice && scent
in neonates

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