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Attachment is the close emotional relationship between two people, which
involves a feeling of wellbeing and a desire to be close. Although
attachments occur throughout your life, the attachment made between an
infant and caregiver is particularly important.

Development of attachments
Infants have an innate ability to seek interactions with…

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Caregiver leaves the Reaction to caregiver
room returning
Stranger in the room Reaction to the stranger
Bowlby's theory of attachment has been particularly influential and
generated much further research. He was influenced by the psychodynamic
approach and findings from nonhuman animal studies. He suggested that
there was a critical period…

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follows the deprivation of an attachment during a critical period in the
child's development.

This view is supported by Bowlby's research into the case histories of 44
juvenile thieves (Bowlby, 1946). He found that 86% of thieves exhibiting
affectionless psychopathy had spent considerable time in hospitals or
foster homes as…

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Cannot generalise
Girl locked in a room for most findings.
of early life with little outside
contact. Retrospective
Aged 13 physical problems,
poor social skills and no Genie may have had
Genie (Curtiss,
language abilities. innate psychological
Education led to the recovery
of much ability but language…

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Adopted and restored children experience problems forming
relationships outside the home (possibly owing to low selfesteem or
poor emotional development caused by early experiences).


A wide variation in relaionship formation meant that some adopted
children did badly and some restored children did well. This means
that individual differences are…

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went to work either before or after their child was one year old. The
findings showed that the cognitive ability of those children who started day
care earlier was lower than that of the later starters (Baydar and
BrooksGunn, 1991).

Operation Head Start was implemented in the USA in the…


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