Attachments - Daycare Revision Cards

I make my revision cards on a Powerpoint Presentation then print them off in colour and use a giletine (the paper cutter thing) and make them into small revision cards by printing two slides to a page - i started this as a craze at my sixth form

hope it helps x :)

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Attachments and Daycare
Case Studies
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An attachment is an emotional bond between two
people, e.g. Child and carer
The child will be upset when away from the caretaker, e.g.
Crying, asking for them
More often person is around = more of an emotional
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The Learning Theory
Association ­ when you link one thing to another
Classical Conditioning ­ when you learn through
Cupboard Love Theory ­ love and attachments are
based on food
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The Learning Theory
Comes from behaviourism
Believes that everything is learnt from the
environment around you
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Harry Harlow
Lab study
Findings ­ the monkeys spent more time with the
mother that provided comfort.
Why ­ we would expect it to have spent more time with
the feeding mother (cupboard love)
Problems ­ used monkey's instead of humans
Lab study ­ low ecological validity
Psychological harm ­ distress to the monkey
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Schaffer & Emmerson
Natural study
Findings ­ less than half the infants formed a primary
attachment to the person who fed, changed, bathed
Formed multiple attachments
Why ­ learning theory states that the attachment will
be formed with the person who is providing food ­
less than half the infants had the attachment with the
Problems ­ low control ­ confounding variables
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