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PSYB4 Past Paper Questions


Outline what is meant by hypothesis testing and explain the role of hypothesis testing
in scientific research. (4 marks)

Explain what is meant by the naturenurture debate in psychology. (4 marks)

`Nomothetic and idiographic approaches are both needed for a complete study of

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(a) Outline one strength and one weakness of the idiographic approach in psychology. (4 marks)

(b) Outline why some psychologists favour reductionist explanations of human behaviour. (4 marks)

(c) The following comment was made by a judge at the end of a trial:
"People are in control of…

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(b) Outline what psychologists mean by the following:
(i) subjective experience (2 marks)

(ii) overt behaviour. (2 marks)

(c) `Psychology is not a science.' Discuss this claim. (12 marks)


(a) Participants in a research study were ordered to give very powerful electric shocks to another person.
Although the…


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