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Cognition and Law
Recognising and remembering faces-

Processes involved in recognising faces-

Face identification- looking at a person's face and knowing who it is
Face recognition- knowing the face is one we have seen before
Face recall- when, from memory, we try to verbally describe a face, draw a…

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Early, paper based composite systems were no more useful than verbal descriptions
Computer based composite systems are more precise. The e-fit system removes the
problem of using separate feature to make a composite and instead, where there are
missing parts, the programme inserts an average component.

Early systems had…

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Suggests anxiety caused by exposure to a traumatic event can affect the accuracy of
eye-witness recall
Loftus- participants who were shown the violent video where a civilian was shot
made more errors recalling a critical item in the video as opposed to those who were
shown the non-violent version, suggesting…

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This is a vivid memory of an emotional event in our lives. Sharot investigated the role of the amygdala
in recall for the attack on the World Trade Centre. Participants who were closer to the attack showed
selective activation of the amygdala when recalling the attack but not other events.…


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