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Psychology Unit 3 Small Questions
Child Development


1. Suggest three behavioural categories that could be used by researchers in an observational study of
friendship in children aged four years. (3 marks)

2. Describe and briefly evaluate one psychological explanation of why a young child might be rejected by his…

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category system to record the child's social behaviours, then observed the child through a oneway glass
for thirty minutes.

2. Explain why it was important that the psychologist could not be seen by the child during the observation. (2

3. The psychologist carried out this observation on her own.…

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2. Choose an experimental design that the psychologist could use to test this hypothesis.
Explain how this design would be used. You should also identify the independent variable and the
dependent variable. (3 marks)

3. Low status is one cause of childhood rejection. Briefly outline one other cause of childhood…


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