PSYB4 Debate Past Paper Questions

PSYB4 Debate Past Paper Questions - all up to 2014

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Psychology Unit 4 Small Questions
1. Outline two methodological criticisms of Freud's use of case studies. (4 marks)
2. Matt is a young lawyer who repeatedly loses his temper at work. Deep down, he thinks that others are
better able to cope with the pressures of the job.
Outline how psychologists from two of the following approaches might attempt to explain why Matt loses his
temper at work:
(4 marks)
1. Explain one way in which behaviourists have investigated reinforcement. (4 marks)
2. Briefly discuss one difference between the behaviourist approach and the cognitive approach in
investigating behaviour. (4 marks)
June 2010
1. Explain the role of theory in scientific research. (2 marks)
2. Explain the role of peer review in scientific research. (2 marks)
Jamie is a healthy 18yearold of average intelligence. When he was six days old, he was diagnosed with a rare
genetic disorder. His parents were informed that, as a result of the disorder, Jamie would have severe learning
difficulties unless he was kept on a special diet. His parents followed this advice and Jamie has not suffered
any damage to his intelligence or to his learning abilities.
3. In the context of the naturenurture debate in psychology, outline what is meant by an interactionist
approach. Refer to Jamie's case in your answer. (4 marks)
June 2011
1. Briefly outline the free will and determinism debate in psychology. Explain one reason why a belief in the
existence of free will conflicts with scientific enquiry. (4 marks)
2. Briefly discuss strengths of the idiographic approach in psychology. (4 marks)
June 2012
When investigating the conditioning of behaviour, Behaviourists such as Pavlov and Skinner collected
quantitative data.
1. Outline what is meant by quantitative data. Give an example of quantitative data collected by a
psychologist who has studied conditioning. (2 marks)
2. Give two reasons why Behaviourists do not collect qualitative data in their investigations. (2 marks)

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Give two assumptions of the cognitive approach. For each assumption, illustrate your answer with
reference to a topic in psychology. Use a different topic for each assumption. (4 marks)
4. Referring to two assumptions of the humanistic approach, explain why humanistic psychologists have
rejected the scientific method. (4 marks)
Martha was telling her friend Sanya about her recent frightening experience.
`I was walking home by myself in the dark. Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me and I realised that someone
was getting closer to me.…read more

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Behaviourists often use animals in their research. Briefly discuss one strength of using animals in research
and then applying the findings to human behaviour. [2 marks]
Ben's parents expect him to become a doctor, like his father and grandfather. He has applied to study medicine
at university, but he really wants to be an actor. Ben feels that he cannot speak to his parents about becoming
an actor because he thinks that they will be disappointed in him, and will not support him financially.…read more


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