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Psychology Unit 4 Small Questions


1. Outline two methodological criticisms of Freud's use of case studies. (4 marks)

2. Matt is a young lawyer who repeatedly loses his temper at work. Deep down, he thinks that others are
better able to cope with the pressures of the job.…

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3. Give two assumptions of the cognitive approach. For each assumption, illustrate your answer with
reference to a topic in psychology. Use a different topic for each assumption. (4 marks)

4. Referring to two assumptions of the humanistic approach, explain why humanistic psychologists have
rejected the scientific method. (4 marks)…

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3. Behaviourists often use animals in their research. Briefly discuss one strength of using animals in research
and then applying the findings to human behaviour. [2 marks]

Ben's parents expect him to become a doctor, like his father and grandfather. He has applied to study medicine
at university, but he…


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