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"Gardners" Theory of Multiple Inteligence
States that there are many different abilities which can count as intelligence.
There are said to be 7 main intelligences:
1. Linguistic ability to use language
2. Logical mathematical skills
3. Spatial ability to read map
4. Bodily ability to move
5. Musical
6. Interpersonal communicate with others
7. Intrapersonal understand others.
8. ADDED 16YRS LATER. Natural intelligence. Understand the environment.
These are all said to be independent from each other and all reside in separate places of the brain,
interact with each other when needed.
Neuropsychological evidence. As many individuals are better at one others another and bad at
some things shows different parts of the brain. Brain damage still good @ certain things.
Exceptional talent, distinct developmental history. E.g. Mozart could write music before he
could read it.
Distinct Developmental History. Develop quicker than others in one area
There are few published studies that offer evidence of the validity of Gardners study.
May be more intelligences
Cultural Bias, assumes all intelligence is the same in all cultures
Gender Bias


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