PSYA3 Gender

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Sex - biological, anatomical, male/female

Gender - psychological, masculine/feminine

Sexuality - preference for a mate

Kohlberg's Gender Consistency Theory - based on idea by Piaget that children gain knowldge of objects by their experiences, and this can be applied to own ideas on gender.

Gender labelling - 3yrs - able to say whether they are male/female

Gender stability - 3.5-4.5yrs - if they were a boy, will become a man

Gender constancy - 6yrs - if a man wears a dress, still male

Individual differences: doesn't account for IDs such as intelligence about when a child will get this knowledge

Research support: Slaby and Frey asked children to label pics of boy/girl. Then asked whether they were born boy/girl and if they'll grow up to be a mummy/daddy. Findings supported the stages set out in theory.

Change may be more subtle and


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