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Chapter Summaries:
Pride and Prejudice…read more

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Chapter 31
· The Parsonage party are invited to Rosings
· Elizabeth talks to Colonel Fitzwilliam and Darcy…read more

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Chapter 31
A week after the arrival of Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam, the
Parsonage party are asked to visit Rosings after church. Lady
Catherine talks mainly to her nephews, especially Darcy. Fitzwilliam
and Elizabeth talk with such animation that both Lady Catherine Darcy
notice them. Lady Catherine interrupts them with her views on music
­ which she claims to be an expert, though she can not play any
instruments herself.
Colonel Fitzwilliam persuades Elizabeth to play for them and Lady
Catherine talks all through the performance but Darcy takes an
unusual interest in Elizabeth's playing and her face.
They then have a teasing conversation and Elizabeth reminds Darcy of
not having asked her to dance in Hertfordshire.
Fitzwilliam joins in the teasing and Elizabeth and Darcy assess each
other's characters using the extended metaphor of practising at the
piano.…read more

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Chapter 32
· Darcy pays Elizabeth a solo visit; he often comes to the
Parsonage and Charlotte begins to wonder why…read more

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Chapter 32
Elizabeth is at the Parsonage and is visited by Darcy ("and Mr
Darcy only"). There are awkward silences and she asks him about
the hurried way in which he and the Bingleys left Netherfield in
November. He confirms that Bingley does not intend to spend
much time at Netherfield in the future.
Further visits from Darcy and Fitzwilliam lead Elizabeth to
compare the latter to her former admirer, Wickham. Charlotte
begins to wonder whether the former could possibly be in love
with Elizabeth.
Darcy is mostly silent on these visits but looks at Elizabeth a lot.…read more

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Chapter 33
· Elizabeth keeps on meeting Darcy while she is walking
· Colonel Fitzwilliam tells her that Darcy has prevented a friend
from an ill-advised marriage. Elizabeth can only think of
Bingley and Jane
· She does not go to Rosings that evening…read more

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