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Chapter Summaries:
Pride and Prejudice…read more

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Chapter 16
· Elizabeth is very favourably impressed by Mr Wickham
· Mr Wickham tells Elizabeth about his mistreatment by Darcy…read more

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Chapter 16
The Longbourn party go by coach to Mrs Philips's house. Mr
Collins goes along and compares the drawing room to the small
breakfast parlour at Lady Catherine de Bourgh's estate; Mrs
Philips's soon realises that Mr Collins is a tedious snob.
Mr Wickham's arrival at the party pleases everybody. He choses
to sit next to Elizabeth and they get along well. Elizabeth tells him
that she thinks Mr Darcy is `very disagreeable'. We also discover
that Darcy, according to Wickham, is jealous of Wickham because
Darcy's father favoured Wickham over his own son.
We also find out that Darcy's aunt is Lady Catherine de Bourgh
and that he is destined to marry her daughter.
Elizabeth leaves the party with her head full of Wickham and the
injustice he has suffered as a result of Darcy's jealousy and pride.…read more

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Chapter 17
· Jane and Elizabeth discuss Darcy
· The Netherfield ball is anticipated with excitement…read more

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Chapter 17
Elizabeth tells Jane about Wickham's story. Jane is reluctant to
believe ill of Darcy. Bingley arrives to invite the Bennet girls to a
ball at Netherfield. His sisters ignore Mrs Bennet and Elizabeth as
much as they can.
Elizabeth looks forward to dancing with Wickham. However, Mr
Collins asks Elizabeth to dance the first two dances with him.
Elizabeth accepts though is not happy with the arrangement.
She then realises that she is the object of his marital intentions
with her mother's approval.…read more

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Chapter 18
· Mr Wickham is not at the ball
· Elizabeth dances with Darcy
· Elizabeth's family behaves badly
· Jane is sure of Bingley's regard…read more

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