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Chapter Summaries:
Pride and Prejudice…read more

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Chapter 6
· Bingley and Jane are falling in love
· Elizabeth and Charlotte Lucas discuss courtship and marriage
· Darcy becomes interested in Elizabeth
· Miss Bingley ­ Mr Bingley's unmarried sister becomes
interested in Mr Darcy…read more

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Chapter 6
The Bennet women visit Netherfield and Bingley's sisters then
repay the visit. They are kind to Jane but Elizabeth does not like
Charlotte Lucas suggests that Jane is too guarded and self-
controlled and that she risks losing Bingley if she does not
encourage him more openly. We find out that Charlotte has a
negative view on marriage.
Darcy has started to change his mind of Elizabeth, having been
drawn in by her intelligence.
They visit another ball, this time at the Lucas household. Sir
William tries to persuade Mr Darcy to dance with Elizabeth but,
embarrassed, he refuses.…read more

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Chapter 7
· The Bennets' financial and social standing is described
· Jane is invited to Netherfield
· Mrs Bennet sends her on horseback, hoping that the
impending rain will prevent Jane's return for a few days ­ her
plan works
· Elizabeth, desperate to see Jane, walks there…read more

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Chapter 7
We find out that once Mr Bennet dies, both his income and
estate will be inherited by a distant male relative.
We hear that Catherine and Lydia often walk to the nearby town
of Meryton. They both are excited by a new regiment taking
head quaters in their town.
Jane is invited to Netherfield and Mrs Bennet insists that Jane go
on horseback. The rain made Jane ill meaning that she has to stay
at Netherfield.
Elizabeth walks three miles to visit. Darcy is impressed the
`brilliance' of her complexion.
Elizabeth prepares to leave but then she also is invited to stay.
She accepts and sends for clothes.…read more

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Chapter 8
· Jane isn't any better
· Miss Bingley mocks Elizabeth and her family's behaviour
· We find out about Darcy's estate, library and sister
· The ideal qualities of an accomplished woman are discussed…read more

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