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A Full revision guide of To kill a mockingbird. I did not create this myself but i find it very useful. 

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
To Kill a Mockingbird
written by an American Southerner: Huckleberry Finn by Mark
OUND INFO Twain. Both novels have a trouble-making child as their
protagonist and narrator, and both novels chart the growth of
AUTHOR BIO those narrators as their adventurers force them to see the
unfairness and brutality of their community and society,
Full Name: Nelle Harper Lee particularly in regard to the treatment of blacks.
Pen Name: Harper Lee Related Historical Events: In 1931, nine black teenage boys
Date of Birth: 1926 were accused of rape by two white girls. The trials of the boys
Place of Birth: Monroeville, Alabama lasted six years, with convictions, reversals, and numerous
retrials. These trials were given the name The Scottsboro
Brief Life Story: The youngest of four children born to Amasa
Trials, made national headlines, and drastically intensified the
Lee and Frances Finch Lee, Nelle Harper Lee earned a law
debate about race and racism in America. Ultimately, after six
degree from the University of Alabama in 1949 and spent a
years of trials in which the boys were kept in jail, and despite
year at Oxford in England, but in 1950 moved to New York to
the fact that one of the girls ultimately changed her testimony
focus on writing. In 1960 she published To Kill a Mockingbird,
and claimed that no rape had actually occurred, five of the nine
which became an immediate and immense success. Yet Lee
were convicted of rape.
never published another novel, instead retreating from the
spotlight to her hometown of Monroeville.
KEY FACTS Descendant of General Lee. Harper Lee is actually a
descendant of the famed Confederate general Robert E. Lee.
Full Title: To Kill a Mockingbird
"Dill" Capote. The character of Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird is
Genre: Coming-of-age novel (bildungsroman); social novel
based on Harper Lee's real-life childhood friend, Truman
Setting: The fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama during the Capote, who went on to become a national literary star in his
Great Depression own right, and wrote the bestselling true-crime book In Cold
Climax: The trial of Tom Robinson; or when Bob Ewell attacks Blood.
Scout and Jem
Protagonist: Scout
Antagonist: Bob Ewell
Point of View: First person; Scout is looking back at the events In the town of Maycomb, Alabama, in the middle of the Great
of the novel from some unspecified future time. Depression, six-year-old Scout Finch lives with her older
brother Jem, and her widowed father, Atticus. Atticus is a
lawyer, and makes enough to keep the family comfortably out
HISTORICAL AND LITERARY CONTEXT of poverty, but he works long days. He relies on the family's
When Written: 1950-1960 black cook, Calpurnia, to help raise the kids.
Where Written: New York City and Monroeville, Alabama Scout and Jem spend much of their time creating and acting out
When Published: 1960 fantasies. One year a boy named Dill comes to spend the
summer with his aunt, who is the Finches' neighbor. The three
Literary Period: Modernism children become friends, and, pushed by Dill's wild imagination,
Related Literary Works: To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the soon become obsessed with a nearby house. A man named
fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, and while it is the story of Nathan Radley owns the house, but it is his reclusive brother,
Scout's growing up it is also a story of the racially charged Arthur (Boo) Radley, who interests and terrifies the children.
atmosphere of the town in the years of the Great Depression. On a dare, Jem actually runs up and touches the Radley house,
To Kill a Mockingbird therefore falls into that particular subset of and Scout is sure she sees someone watching them from inside
American literature called Southern literature, since it deals behind a curtain.
both explicitly and implicitly with themes and issues that were The summer ends, and Dill returns to his hometown. Scout
uniquely Southern. To Kill a Mockingbird also shares many starts school, and hates it. On the first day, her teacher actually
connections with what is perhaps the most important book criticizes her for already knowing how to read. The highlights of
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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
the school year come when Scout and Jem occasionally find it. When she gets home, Scout falls asleep as Atticus reads to
presents stuffed into a knothole of a tree next to the Radley's her at Jem's bedside.
fence. Summer arrives, and Dill returns. The children grow
more daring and sneak onto the Radley property. But Nathan
Radley sees them and thinks they're thieves.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
restrictions, but as she grows she comes to recognize and Mrs. Gr
ace Merriweather ­ A member of Aunt Alexandra's
respect Calpurnia for her strength, intelligence, and kindness. social circle in Maycomb.
Charles Bak
er Harris (Dill) - Jem and Scout's friend, who visits Miss Stephanie Cr
Craawford ­ A neighbor of the Finch's and a big
Maycomb each summer from his home in Meridian, Alabama. gossip.
Miss Rachel Haverford is his aunt.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
or unfair, or just plain weird, she should first try "standing in thinking, sympathy, and mutual understanding across racial and
their skin." socioeconomic boundaries.
Atticus's belief in treating and respecting everyone as an Many people, including Jem and Scout when they're young, mix
individual is contrasted in To Kill a Mockingbird with a number of up courage with strength. They think that courage is the ability
other worldviews.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
Because of these traits, mockingbirds in To Kill a Mockingbird ·Related themes
themes: Good, Evil, and Human Dignity
symbolize innocence and beauty. And killing a mockingbird is ·Theme T
er code
therefore an act of senseless cruelty. There are a number of
characters who can be seen as mockingbirds in the text, most 1
particularly Tom Robinson and Boo Radley.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
Atticus had used every tool available to free men to save Tom ·Mentioned or related char
acters: Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem),
Robinson, but in the secret courts of men's hearts Atticus had Arthur Radley (Boo)
no case. Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened ·Related themes
themes: Good, Evil, and Human Dignity, Growing Up
her mouth and screamed.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
One year when Scout is six and With his small stature and Just before lunch, Miss This episode establishes that
Jem is nine, a small and intense imagination Dill is both a Caroline discovers that one there are economic differences
imaginative seven-year-old character and a symbol for boy, Walter Cunningham, has between families in Maycomb. At
named Charles "Dill" Baker childhood.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
That night, when Scout says Scout's first exposure to Atticus's The next day, Dill and Jem get Atticus warns the children not to
that Miss Caroline wants her belief in trying to understand and Scout to help them try to slip a mistreat people because they're
to stop reading at home, respect other peoples' point of note through a window of the different. Instead, he implies,
Atticus counsels that instead view.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
But the next day Nathan Jem is starting to grow up: he CHAPTER 9
Radley cements the knothole. understands the tragedy of Boo's
Students at school start saying Scout and Jem begin to see the
He says the tree was dying, but efforts at communication being
that Atticus "defends niggers." prejudice that is as much a part
Atticus tells Jem it wasn't. Jem blocked.…read more

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The best way to study, teach, and learn about books.
CHAPTER 10 As punishment, Atticus makes Mrs. Dubose and her battle with
Jem go and read to Mrs. her morphine addiction allow
Atticus is older than other In a complicated world of good
Dubose each afternoon. Scout Atticus to teach Jem and Scout a
kids' parents, and Scout and and evil, mockingbirds are one of
goes with him.…read more


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