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Chapter Summaries:
Pride and Prejudice…read more

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Chapter 11
· Jane is better
· Darcy's interest in Elizabeth increases
· Elizabeth and Darcy discuss whether he is faultless
· Miss Bingley is still jealous…read more

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Chapter 11
Jane is well enough to join the others in the drawing room.
Elizabeth notices how Bingley takes care of Jane and this pleases
Darcy is reading but Miss Bingley is intent on obtaining his
attention. He briefly answers her questions then continues on
It is only when Elizabeth enters that he puts his book down.
Elizabeth and Darcy discuss whether or not he can be laughed at.
She ironically concludes that he is too perfect to be laughed at.
Darcy thinks that he is rightly proud and that he bears grudges.
Elizabeth accuses him of hating everybody and he accuses of her
wilfully.…read more

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Chapter 12
· Jane and Elizabeth return to Longbourn
· Only Bingley is sorry to see them go…read more

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Chapter 12
Mrs Bennet refuses Elizabeth's request for a carriage to be sent
to they use Bingley's carriage instead.
Darcy is glad Elizabeth is finally leaving and pointedly ignores her
just in case she guesses the effect she has had on him.
When they arrive home, Mrs Bennet is cross that they have not
stayed longer but their father is pleased to have them both
Mary is studying and we hear about Kitty and Lydia's latest
discoveries regarding the officers and their movements.…read more

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Chapter 13
· Mr Collins's letter announces his proposed visit
· His arrival and manners are described…read more

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