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Chapter Summaries:
Pride and Prejudice…read more

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Chapter 26
· Mrs Gardiner reminds Elizabeth how ill-advised a match with
Wickham would be
· Charlotte gets married to Mr Collins
· Jane has been snubbed by the Bingleys in London
· Wickham courts an heiress…read more

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Chapter 26
Mrs Gardiner tries to disuade Elizabeth from a relationship with
Charlotte's wedding takes place and she and Elizabeth become
correspondents (they write to each other). Charlotte writes of
her new home and husband with reserve and discretion.
Jane also writes from London informing Elizabeth that Caroline
Bingley has not visited her. It also appears that Bingley is to stop
leasing Netherfield.
Elizabeth writes to Mrs Gardiner (her aunt) to tell her that
Wickham's attentions have ceased. Instead, he is now the
admirer of Miss Kind who has recently inherited £10,000.…read more

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Chapter 27
· It is March and Elizabeth sets off to stay with Charlotte Collins,
visiting Jane on the way
· She agrees to a future trip in the summer with her aunt and
uncle…read more

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Chapter 27
Elizabeth is looking forward to her visit to Hunsford. She is
travelling with Sir William Lucas and Maria ­ his daughter. They
are both "empty-headed". They plan to visit Jane on the way.
Elizabeth says goodbye to Wickham and is left feeling as if they
will always agree and that he will always half admire her.
In London, Mrs Gardiner tells Elizabeth that Jane has been
unhappy. They discuss Wickham's new attachment to Miss King
and Elizabeth speaks ironically of men and love. Her aunt warns
her against sounding so bitter.
She proposes that Elizabeth join her and Mr Gardiner for a trip to
the Lake District. Elizabeth is overjoyed and immediately accepts.…read more

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Chapter 28
· Elizabeth arrives in Hunsford
· They are all incited to Rosings for dinner…read more

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