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Chapter Summaries:
Pride and Prejudice…read more

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Chapter 36
· Elizabeth reads and rereads the letter and is ashamed of her
· Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam leave Rosings…read more

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Chapter 36
On first reading the letter, convinced as she is of Darcy's guilt,
Elizabeth is angered by his reference to her family and sceptical about
his account of Wickham's behaviour. She rereads the letter and
realises that Darcy maybe entirely blameless in the affair.
She recalls that she had no knowledge of Wickham before being
introduced to him and recognises the inappropriate way that he told
her his personal history on their second meeting. She remembers that
Wickham chose to avoid Darcy at the Netherfield Ball.
She now sees Wickham's attentions to Miss Kind in a different light
and questions the motives behind Wickham's interests in herself.
Elizabeth is ashamed and curses her prejudice. She reads Darcy's
account of Jane and Bingley and realises that he could well have
mistaken her reserve for want of feeling.
On her return to the Parsonage, she discovers that Darcy and Colonel
Fitzwilliam have both visited to pay their respects before leaving Kent.…read more

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Chapter 37
· Elizabeth studies the letter and is unhappy
· She and Maria Lucas prepare to leave for London…read more

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Chapter 37
Lady Catherine summons Mr and Mrs Collins and their guests to
Rosings. She tells Elizabeth that she should stay longer at the
Parsonage. Elizabeth tells her that she must go and the
particulars of the journey are discussed.
When she is alone, she studies Darcy's letter and has soon learnt
it by heart.
She does not regret refusing him but she is ashamed of the way
in which she did it.
She embarrassed by "the unhappy defects of her family", in
particular the tendency of Catherine and Lydia to flirt with the
officers, with their mother's encouragement.
But, above all, Elizabeth is unhappy that "the folly and indecorum
of her own family" should have cost Jane her chance of
happiness.…read more

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Chapter 38
· Elizabeth and Maria leave
· They arrive at the Gardiner's in London…read more

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