Politics examples for Judiciary/Civil Liberties topic

I have put together loads of examples to use in essay questions on the judiciary because having them in your essay to help demonstrate a point can really up your essay grade, and whenever I just google politics examples, I can never find any :P Hope this helps, going to try make some for the other politics topics too :) 

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Examples/Cases to use in politics essays

The Judiciary

Prominent public inquiries
Lord Nolan's inquiry (1995) into standards in public life, looking into party finances
and funding.
Lord Scott's inquiry into the sale of arms to Iraq (1996) ­ government implicated in
allowance to sell arms to a pariah…

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Rights of spouses to succeed a tenancy in the case of a tenants death was
extended to include homosexual couples. (2004)
Belmarsh Prison case ­ 9 terrorist suspects who had been held without trial in
Belmarsh prison were released because the law on which their detention was
based discriminated illegally…


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