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Judiciary and civil liberties:
1. What is the role of the executive branch?

2. What is the roe of the legislative branch?

3. What is the role of the judicial branch?

4. Why was there a fusion of powers up until 2005?

5. Name three roles of the judiciary, what…

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6. Give an example to a role of the judiciary and when they have carried it out....

Role Example:

7. How does the sovereignty of parliament act as a limitation on the judiciary?

8. How does the rule of law act as a limitation on the judiciary?

9. How does…

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13. Outline and describe the events and result of one judicial review that has taken place

14. Suggest two limits of judicial review

15. What is judicial neutrality

16. Suggest 2 arguments with examples, for neutrality of the judiciary

Claim Example

17. What is judicial independence?

18. What does judicial…

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19. What is Security of tenure?

20. How does the security of tenure protect the independence of the judiciary?

21. What is the subjudice rule?

22. How does the subjudice rule safeguard the independence of the judiciary?

23. How are judges appointed?

24. How has this made a difference to…

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30. Name 2 limits on judicial independence since 2005 with examples where applicable

31. What is a public inquiry?

32. Suggest two reasons why judges are often called upon to lead a public inquiry

33. Suggest 2 reasons why the government may choose to hold a public inquiry

34. What…

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40. What recommendations were made from the Macpherson Inquiry?

41. What was being investigated in the Hutton Inquiry 2003?

42. Was the inquiry critical or supportive of the government? ­ elaborate

43. What recommendations were made from the Hutton Inquiry?

44. What was being investigated in the Leveson Inquiry?


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50. Suggest 3 threats to civil liberties
Threat Description Example?

51. How did Blair's Labour Party Manifesto 1997 promise to safeguard civil liberties?
Support for the HRA Reasons why the HRA is
seen as controversial

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52. Suggest three ways in which the HRA has strengthened the political power of the judiciary

53. Suggest three limitations of these powers

54. Choose 3 controversial decisions made under the HRA and note why the decision may be seen as controversial
Why might this be
Case Description seen as…

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Judical Review:

Judicial Review (Human Rights):

Public Inquiries

57. What was the court result of the GCHQ case 1985 (Judicial Review)?

58. What was the court result for the Mental Health Act case of 2002? (Judicial Review HR)

59. What amendments were made to the Mental Health Act legislation after…


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