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Option 1 - Develop all-weather road network.

Benefits - (USE PAGES 8+9)

People  -improves transportation around; so there is more time to do other things. This way they can sell more products at the market, for more income to bring them one step closer to coming out of the poverty cycle.

            - Also it will improves the efficiency of services, such as schools, as people can get into town easier and most definitely quicker. This also allows people to get to jobs and hospitals easier.

      -It will most definitely improve emergency facilities, like importing medicines to hospitals, or even ambulances can get to peoples houses quickly, to aid them, which would prevent many deaths, as a large section of the population are HIV positive, so the symptoms could cause fatal illnesses that will need close attention. etc

           - possessions will not bve destroyed from flooding!


Wealth - By creating drainage channels, less money will be invested in fixing buildings that would have been damaged by flooding. This would increase the GDP (Growth Domestic Productivity)  of the area.

- Also, improving the roads will enable more people to get to work and therefore they will earn more which will boost the economy, as more money will be fed into it ($).

Environment  - crops will grow better as the soil will not be drained in water

    - Tarmac water will help water flow around easier.

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Option 2 - Create a national farm advisory service


People - Free training to improve crop yield, by using fertilisers to ensure that crops grow well and at a good quality to get as much income as possible. 

- By training them to use machinery, will reduce manual labor.

Wealth - increasing crop yield will result in people selling more and getting more/enough money for satisfying the family and excess can be sold as cash crops, as they will have high productivity, and this will get the people out of the poverty cycle. 

Environment - improves soil fertility.

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Option 3 - Build Rural health clinics


People - better health, means people can work will full strength instead of fighting off illnesses. More women can be healthy to bear healthy babies, who will grow up to help on the farm or at the market selling produce. this way, the family can break out of the poverty cycle. 

Wealth- Very similar to the people point but, people can work efficiently so they earn more, which is going to the countries economy which would develop the nation. More children will be available to go to school and graduate so they can get better jobs, hopefully in the medical/health category to work in these clinics. 

Environment- Making them within a 30 minute walk from all villages, means there is no need for the residents to use cars, or use up fossil fuels.

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Option 4 - Provide safe piped water for all

Benefits      ... Pg 16, 17 & figure 21 

People - They will have clean water to cook/ drink/ feed crops. Less people will die from infected water or catch diseases like diarrhoea, hepatitis A and typhoid. Similarly,with every household having their own pit latrine, this reduces the spread of diseases between people and families. 

Wealth - More people can work, less reliant on state or living in poverty because they are fit to work and have a constant supply of water so they don't dehydrate from the hard work in the sun. 

Environment - Animals won't die from the infected water, therefore more to eat! so less reliance on crops and agriculture! 

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Develop rural electricity sources

by this they want to: offer payments to rural communities so that every village: 

- can build its own solar power or hydro electricity generation system 

- will have low cost power in all households wihtin ten year 

People-   rural areas will be less ISOLATED, as they will have access to cheap or maybe free electricty if they build solar power generators or the hydroelectric generators. this way cooking will be easier to do, as they wont have to necessarily cook on fires asthey could use more electric appliances like cookers. Generally, life will be easier and not as troublesome as machinery can be run from the generated electricity. (Therefore, farmers can use machines to help them with growning/harvesting their crops, increasing productivity, so they have enough for cash crops).

Wealth-  Will boost economy as country will have an opportunity to develop and improve as they can also use the latest technology, for example in class rooms, offices and other jobs. The government will use less money on funding electricity as the people can use the solar/hydro energy themselves.

Environment - solar energy and hydro electricity generally have no massive effect on the environment, as they dont have dams to store water they don't cause much flooding, if at all, they are better than large scale projects. By reducing the need for deforesting large areas of land for frewood, this benefits the environment and the people as they get energy quicker and more efficiently resulting in an increase in farming, getting them one step closer to coming out of the vicious poverty cycle.

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