Overview of English Literature WW1 Trenches

Just incase it's useful & because i spent so many hours on this at the begining of the year i thought i would add this.

It includes indepth knowledge into the trenches during WW1 and the conditions, in a way very good contextual wise!!!

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Trenches in World War 1
By Charlotte, Charlotte and Tori…read more

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Two Fronts
· In the east, Armies would · In the west, where most
move back and forth of the fighting occurred,
across the wide area they the armies soon stop all
were in. together as no one had
the advantage.
· It was this front where
the trenches were dug.
· Both sides dug trenches
and fortifications, carved
across the landscape, 350
miles from the Swiss
frontier to the north sea…read more

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The Western Front
· The western front was formed into the shape
of an `S', from the English channel south
through to Belgium and eastern
France, even to the Swiss frontier.
Covering a total of 760km!…read more

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The first trench were · By 1917 the network of
little more than shallow the trenches was so
ditches extensive that it was
· To provide basic cover possible to theoretically
from enemy fire walk the entire length
· As the war progressed, of the western front
they became more without leaving the
permanent and secure trench…read more

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The Western Front…read more

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The two front lines · Access to the whole
faced each other 45 trench system was from
meters to 1.6km apart the rear by a long
across no-mans land access that stretched
· The support trench was well beyond the
20-90 meters behind enemies line of sight
the frontline · Most of the trenches
· The reserve trench were 2 feet deep and
could be one km or protected by a bank of
more behind that earth.
· The fire steps along the
front line were about
60cm high…read more

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