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Birdsong ­ Sebastian Faulks (1993)
Birdsong is a 1993 novel by English author Sebastian Faulks. It tells of Stephen
Wraysford at different stages of his life in France both before and during World War I
hence the novels episodic structure which is split into seven sections and moves
between three…

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mistake. Stephen hears no more of her and knows nothing of his child that she bears
(a girl called Françoise) and later raises with a German soldier called Max.

France 1916
We rejoin Stephen some years later as a lieutenant in the British Army and through
his eyes, Faulks tells…

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friend, Michael Weir, is eventually killed by a sniper's bullet while in a trench out of
the front line.

England 1978­1979
Elizabeth continues researching the war and talks to war veterans Gray and Brennan
(who knew Stephen) about their experiences. During this period, she also becomes
pregnant with Robert's child.…

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The book ends with Robert walking down the garden of the holiday cottage and
having an immense sense of joy.

Not So Quiet ­ Helen Zenna Smith (1930)
Not So Quiet: Stepdaughters of War was published in 1930 by Evadne Price, using the
pseudonym Helen Zenna Smith. The semi-biographical account…

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France. A constant rivalry is present between Helen's mother and Mrs.
Evans-Mawington at Wimbledon Common over which of their kin has volunteered
themselves the most for the war. Tosh, a boisterous fellow volunteer, teases Helen on
the principal, "'No, Smithy, you're one of England's Splendid Daughters, of England's
Splendid Daughters…

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All Quiet on the Western Front ­ E.M. Remarque
All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran
of World War I. The book describes the German soldiers' extreme physical and mental
stress during the war, and the detachment from civilian life…

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At the very beginning of the book Erich Maria Remarque says "This book is to be
neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for death is not an
adventure to those who stand face to face with it. It will try simply to tell of…

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Kemmerich's mother and tells her, untruthfully, that her son's death was instant and
painless. At the end of his leave, Paul spends some time at a training camp near a
group of Russian prisoners-of-war. Paul feels that the Russians are people just like
him, not subhuman enemies, and wonders how…

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Regeneration ­ Pat Barker (1991)
Regeneration is the first of three novels in the Regeneration Trilogy of novels on
the First World War. The novel confronts the history of psychology and the real-life
experiences of British army officers being treated for shell shock during World War
I at Craiglockhart War…

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Part I
The novel begins with Dr. W.H.R. Rivers, an army psychiatrist at Craiglockhart War
Hospital (a mental institution at the time), reading poet Siegfried Sassoon's
declaration against the conduct and insincerities of the First World War. Sassoon's
"wilful defiance of military authority" has led to Sassoon being labelled as…


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