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Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff
Journey's End is a powerful and accurate document detailing the lives of soldiers in 1918, at a particularly
crucial moment in the history of the First World War. Its value as a historical and cultural object is obvious.
Sherriff's play, however, is also a significant…

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ready and waiting: Sherriff indicates through a number of significant details that the army seems to think
that the question `Will you have a drink?' is the answer to most problems. Stanhope, however, refuses
to give up his heroic dream (which has now become a nightmare) and he resolves to…

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Pg.9 :
- pale colours reflect the moof of the peace `' A pale glimmer of moonlight[...] the misty grey
- `CAPTAIN HARDY, a red faced, cheerful-looking man...intently drying a sock over a candle
flame .' ­ Sherriff chooses to start his play with a humorous image that causes…

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- Hardy says a lot but uses pauses- he can't put everything in words= dislocation
-Hardy foreshadows Osborne's death `' you''ll get it-right in the neck'': it's not like Hardy is
horrible to Osborne, Hardy is realistic, knows that death awaits the all
- When Hardy speaks about thechnical issues…

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extent, by Trotter.
- `all of a sudden he jumped up and knocked all the glasses off the table! Lost control of himself;
and then he ­ sort of ­ came to ­ and cried' ­ more indications for the audience of Stanhope's
strained mental condition.
-`Osborne, you ought to…

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extremely young men suffer so terribly.
- `'You'll find other officers call me `Uncle' `' : assimilate with the sense of warmth
- past time seems full of joy in contract with the present: talk about rugby
-`He's a splendid chap' ­ Osborne again boosting Stanhope. It is a constant…

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Pg 21:
- `'We are, generally, just waiting for something. When anything happend, it happens quickly.
Then we just start waiting again''- doesn't really tell Raleigh war's true image-want to keep him
as long enthusiastic as possible before he will be transforem into totally different person
-`You must always think…

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- `'How long's he been out here? Theree months''- lifespan of an officer, perhaps Hibbert sense
that his life is going to end+ try to save himself ? foreshadowing the end ?
-`No man of mine's going sick before the attack. They're going to take an equal chance ­

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ACT 2:

short formal conversation between Trotter and Mason- distraction
- `'used to be a plumber before the war''- Trotter gives an insight into his past- his tranquil life
before the war emerged.
- nature: `'Bloomin' little bird'' in the `'old trench'' the force of nature over the…

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`'How topping''
`' Next day we blew each other's trenches to blazes'' ­ link to All Quiet on the Western Front
that one order can transfor them into enemies/ friend; ironic situation-first saves one life when
the next day they take more than one life
- Stanhope presentation: takes…




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