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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

World War I was a war of new technology. There were machine guns, gas bombs, and trenches.
Because of this new technology, World War I was also a war filled with atrocities. The men fighting in
the war experienced horrors that no human being…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

reveals that he told the Board about his hallucinations ­ `'The corpses in Piccadilly'' ­ reality of war/
mental, spiritual, physical consequences of war
-reasons for Sassoon getting a MC : `'For conspicuous gallantry during a raid on the enemy's trenches''
- `'freedom…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

importance of individual word conveying authors true feelings eg. `tiny torch' was changed into `prying
-`'Everything about the poem suggested that Sassoon's attitude to his war experience had been the
opposite of what one normally encountered''- everyone experience the war differently

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

Pg 36
- Sassoon joined on the first day and he says his pre war attitude before he experienced it all was : `'I
couldn't wait to get in''- he was as the rest of the society he despises now, was ignorant on how…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

only at the cost of redefining what it meant to be a man''
-`' His patients might be encouraged to acknowledge their fears, their horror of war-but they were still
expected to do their duty and return to France'
Pg 49
-Prior:`'A northern accent,…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

Pg 57
-Prior's father is skeptical about his son's mental damage- `'He'd get a damn sight more sympathy from
me if he had a bullet up his arse''
Pg 60-62
-vulnerability: Prior not going into the room where the men watch a film, because…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

having been in trenches, the falsity of such patriotic sentiment has been exposed. Prior's disillusionment
mirrors that of many of the soldiers'''
-`'The seat''- the way you sit on the horse; if you are an officer of British army you had to learn to…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

- Owen admits he agrees with Sassoon's declaration
Pg 82
-`'The evolution of a point of view''- Sassoon means the change in attitude towards the war, from
protecting country, glorious etc to its reality
Pg 83
-superstitious side of faith
`' Whenever he…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

Fifty bob a week' `'
`'Too bloody right it is. I was earning ten bob before the war''- they can rise their standard of living
- `'He thought what the detonators she made could do to flesh and bone, and his mind bulged as…

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Notes on Regeneration by Pat Barker

- getting up before it's morning
`' a smell of bacon frying''- homely smell
-`' It must have been Logan's cry, for nothing in that devastation could have had a voice''
-randomness of death- abliterated, how easily thy could be killed
-`' Prior shifted…


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