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Crimean War Events
A summary of the events and
battles of the Crimean War
1854-56.…read more

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REASONS FOR WAR!…read more

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Reasons for War:
Russian Expansion.
· In the early 19th century , the Russian Empire
doubled her land mass in Europe.
· Russian advancement through Asia grow closer to
India and Britain feared her influence.
· Russia wanted to access to the Mediterranean via the
Black Sea to increase her Maritime strength.
· Nicholas I, was eager to take territory including ice-
free ports from the collapsing Turkish Empire.…read more

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Reasons for War:
Religious Reasoning.
· Russia claimed, to want to protect Greek
Orthodox Christians in the Turkish Empire.
· Franco-Russian relations low due to dispute
over the `Church of the Holy Sepulchre'
within the Turkish Empire.
­ France supported the Catholics,
­ Russia supported the Orthodox Christians.…read more

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Road to Varna
5th of October 1853
· Sultan of Turkey declares war on Russia.
5th April 1854
· The first British troops arrive in the Dardanelles;
disembark at Gallipoli & join the French.…read more

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Road to Varna
Mid-May 1854
· Anglo-French Forces agree to sail to the Black Sea
port of Varna.
· Varna allows the allied force to assist in the relief
of the Russian siege of Silistria.
· Aiming to destroy Sebastopol, to protect British
naval dominance, the government order the
invasion of the Crimea ­ 23rd June 1854.…read more

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