Opposition to the protectorate

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  • Opposition to the Protectorate
    • Republicans were against giving Cromwell the crown
      • Acceptance of the Humble Petition increased the emphasis on Cromwell
    • Royalist opposition
      • John Penruddock's rising
        • 100 supporters turned up to rendezvous at Marston Moore for attack on Newcastle Upon Tyne
        • Rebels held Sailsbury, marched into Blindfold, & retreated into Devon
        • Cromwell introduced rule of major generals
    • The Sealed Knot
      • Coordinate royalist opposition
      • Action Party emerged for uprisings around England
    • Miles Sindercombe's Assassination Plot
      • Plan to assassinate Cromwell
      • Too difficult to escape,so abandoned it
    • Military Opposition
      • Three Colonels' Petition
        • Announced the protectorate, calling for a return to the 'good old cause'
        • those in the army opposed to the instrument based on their disagreement on the power given to the protector (cromwell)
        • noted that cromwell's siuccessor might use the army to totally destroyparliaments
      • The Army and Kingship? NMA
        • most significant
        • politicalthreat
        • reminder of the perspective of the 'saints' ge respected
        • a more concerted campaign of the army opposition led to a petition of  Cromwell


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