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Revision for Religious Education; Philosophy.
Good and Evil
Agape = Christian Love. It is love shown to Evil = This word is used to describe
another person no matter who they are, something which is very bad or morally
what they have done, or whether the love wrong. Natural Evil = events which happen
is returned or not. An example of this is in nature. Moral Evil = evil which people do
Jesus dying on the cross. to each other.
Devil/Satan = The being who is the Faith = Trust and belief in something for
opposite of God, he represents evil. which there is no evidence.
Freewill = This means that people have a Moral Behaviour = Someone behaves
choice to follow God or disobey God. morally when they lead a life without sin ­
when they do not go against the
teachings of God and Jesus.
Moral Code = The right way to behave; 10 Origins = `The Beginnings'. Origins of evil
commandments. describe how evil entered God's creation.
Original sin = This refers to the first sin in The Fall = Refers to the Original Sin. The
the world which was done by Adam and world fell away from God and good and the
Eve when they disobeyed God and took door to heaven was closed. Jesus' death
the fruit. Babies are baptised to take this on the cross re-opened the door.
sin away.
Redemption = This is the word given to the Repentance = This is an act of saying sorry
act of delivering or saving someone from and truly meaning it, while at the same
evil. Jesus, by dying on the cross, caused time showing that the wrong action will
the redemption of humankind because his never be repeated. The person will try and
death conquered evil and washed away make up for the wrong action committed.
human sin.
Suffering = This happens because of evil ­
it is the pain, torment and agony which
people feel. Emotional, Mental, Religious
and Physical.
Christians believe he is good because he is all-loving and all powerful. He is good because he created
the world for people to live in ­ his creation was perfect and `all good' until Adam and Eve disobeyed him
and let evil and death. He came down to Earth in the form on Jesus to die on the cross so that people's
sins can be forgiven and they can go to heaven after death. He sends miracles to help people in need.
He is people's strength and comfort in times of trouble. Christians believe at the end of the time evil will
be conquered once and for all by the goodness of God.
Some Christians believe Evil can be Satan 0n ­ he brought evil into God's good world. The Medieval
Church used the devil as a way to frighten people into behaving as the Church wanted them to. The
Bible says Satan is God's Fallen Angel (red horns and rail) and is an actual physical being whose purpose
is to lead people away from God. Satan is the ruler of Hell. He is sometimes seen a symbolic character
However, Evil does not have to be a person but can be an inner weakness in a person ­ psychological
force. Evil is described as the absence of good.

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Concepts of Good and Evil: God and the Devil (Satan)
Christianity teaches that God is much more powerful than the Devil and that therefore good is much
stronger than evil. However, it also says that God created people with free will so that they could decide
what to do for themselves. This means that people are free to choose bad over good even though they
know the probable consequences of their actions.…read more

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Christians acknowledge the existence of evil in the world but they believe that they can explain it
without diminishing the fact that God is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent.
Free Will
God gave humanity free will so that we could make our own choices and be less like 'robots'. Our choices
include both good and bad decisions and each come with their own consequences. Some humans
choose bad decisions leading to the existence of evil.…read more

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Authority = the power or right of someone to give Fundamentalist Christians = These Christians
orders which have to be obeyed. believe that every word in the Bible is the truth
and should not be changed. God inspired the
writers of the Bible.
Incarnation = When God revealed himself to the Liberal Christians = The Bible reflects the culture
word through the person of Jesus. The actually and beliefs of the different writers of the Bible
meaning means `in the flesh' or `in human form'.…read more

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It reveals everything that God wants you to know, whereas general revelation only discloses part.
It is direct and received 1st hand which has a stronger more immediate impact and it is known to
be the truth.
Having received special generation people possess an authority and confidence that enables
them to lead others to faith.
Many religious believers would argue that both general and special revelations are needed together as
proof for the existence of God.…read more




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