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Revision for Religious Education; Philosophy.
Good and Evil

Agape = Christian Love. It is love shown to Evil = This word is used to describe
another person no matter who they are, something which is very bad or morally
what they have done, or whether the love wrong. Natural Evil…

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Concepts of Good and Evil: God and the Devil (Satan)

Christianity teaches that God is much more powerful than the Devil and that therefore good is much
stronger than evil. However, it also says that God created people with free will so that they could decide
what to do for…

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Christians acknowledge the existence of evil in the world but they believe that they can explain it
without diminishing the fact that God is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent.

Free Will
God gave humanity free will so that we could make our own choices and be less like 'robots'. Our choices…

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and grow to be better people. Augustine argued that God did make a perfect world but Adam
and Eve destroyed that when they disobeyed God and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge.
They also say that free will means we can make decisions that cause suffering. Also, they…

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Authority = the power or right of someone to give Fundamentalist Christians = These Christians
orders which have to be obeyed. believe that every word in the Bible is the truth
and should not be changed. God inspired the
writers of the Bible.
Incarnation = When God revealed himself to…

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It reveals everything that God wants you to know, whereas general revelation only discloses part.

It is direct and received 1st hand which has a stronger more immediate impact and it is known to
be the truth.

Having received special generation people possess an authority and confidence that enables





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