OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset: Women's Suffrage- The early suffrage movement

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Early suffrage movement ­ Key dates
1834 ­ Women could be poor law guardians ­ however no women elected until 1975
18601870s ­ Early period of suffrage movement ( domestic radicalisation
1864 ­ Contagious diseases act ­ dorcible medical examinations of women who
were suspected to be prostitutes
1867 reform act
1869 ­ NSWS (National Society for Women's suffrage formed)
1869 ­ unmarried women who paid rates could vote in town council elections
1870 ­ women ratepayers could join and vote for school boards
growing support from some liberal mps
impact of feminist movement
18801890s ­ Period of difficulty
1882 The married women's property act ­ legall rights to their own property (now
upon marridge evertying did not become their husbands)
conservative dominance 18851905
1886 Women given right to custody of children if a marriage broke up
1886 ­ repeal of the contagious diseases act
Liberal leader Gladstone not supportive of votes for women
o Gladstone's 1884 3rd reform act excluded women
1888 unmarries women ratepayers could voute for county councils
1894 ­ local government act married and unmarrid women ratepayers could vote for parish
and district councils and could belong to them as councillors
1895 ­ women oculd become poor law guaridans
1897 ­ NUWSS (National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies formed)
1903 ­ WSPU (Womens social and Political Union formed)
1907 women could be county ocuncillors
1908 Suffragettes treated as ordinary criminals(not given diplomatic status) ­ This resulted
in the start hunger striking
1908 ­ Public meetings act ­ try curb suffragette militancy by preventing them from meeting
1913: Prisoners' discharge act ­ (Cat and mouse act) ­ allowed hunger strikers to be
released then rearessted once they had regained their strength
Characteristics of the early suffrage movement
Influence of Evangelicalism
Non conformists ­ Quakers concerned for human rights issues
middle class
London and Manchests
Influenced by Chartist movement
feminist movement of 50s and 60s
married women
Liked back to 1832 reforms act
concerned with womens rights

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Developments of the time
more acess to education
women could work as doctors and dentists etc
Universities where now accepting women
Progress in legal rights ­ mariddge and property acts…read more


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