OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset: The Key groups of The Suffrage movements- WSPU, NUWSS, NSWS- Detailed

Key dates

And an overview of each group and the main points with them

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Key Groups of the Suffrage movement

1869 ­ NSWS ­ National Society for Women's Suffrage

1897 NUWSS ­ National ~Union of Women's Suffrage Societies

1903 ­ WSPU ­ Women's Social and Political Union

First properly organised group to campaign nationally for the right of women to vote

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Upper class women could get arrested knowing they had servants at home to look
after their children and keep the household running w/c couldn't do that
Broader class composition to start ­ then became more elitist
`Deeds not words'
Richer party ­ had many shops and their paper Votes for…


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