OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset: The Key groups of The Suffrage movements- WSPU, NUWSS, NSWS- Detailed

Key dates

And an overview of each group and the main points with them

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Key Groups of the Suffrage movement
1869 ­ NSWS ­ National Society for Women's Suffrage
1897 NUWSS ­ National ~Union of Women's Suffrage Societies
1903 ­ WSPU ­ Women's Social and Political Union
First properly organised group to campaign nationally for the right of women to vote
amalgamation of groups that had developed during the 1880s
Split in 1888 ­ some wanted to affiliate to liberals others wanted to be indepented
of party politics
1897 reunitesd and joined with many other women's suffrage groups
No one forced to belong
regional branches
Liberal roots in South
400 branches by 1900
Two different approaches ­
1. immediate inclusion of women in the franchise on exactly the same terms of
2. Right of all men and women over the age of 21 to vote ­ seen as very
membership rose from 12,00050,000 in 1909
Peaceful protests ­ often overshadowed by WSPU
Emmeline Pankhrst formed a new movement following the split in the NUWSS
no one forced to belong
Regional branches
Affiliated with Labour
Slogan ­ `Votes for women' ­ changed in 1907 to `votes for women on the same
terms as it may be granted to men'
Though Liberal's vvictory in 1906 would help cause ­ wrong in the Liberals refusal
to make an amendment to the plural voting bill that would have enfranchised some
women property ownerd
Submitted suffrage bills in 1907&8 ­ where reected
Dictatorial style/less democratic
o decisions made by unelected leaders
o Members were restricted in offering their opinions often heavily critisised

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Upper class women could get arrested knowing they had servants at home to look
after their children and keep the household running w/c couldn't do that
Broader class composition to start ­ then became more elitist
`Deeds not words'
Richer party ­ had many shops and their paper Votes for women sold 30,000
copies a week
Used Militant action
o Churchill horsewhipped
o Pictures in the national gallery slashed
o Politicians heckled & intervening in parliamentary debates
o women chained themselves to railings
o stone…read more


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