OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset: Why did it take so long for women to get the vote?

a detailed and explained list to all the factors into why women did not get the vote until 1918

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Why it took Women so long to gain the vote
Although suffrage movements started as early as 1932 with the first suffrage petition to
parliament Women did not finally get the vote until 1918 with the end of WW1. This was
down to a number of factors
Politicians views towards women
o Chauvinistic reasons
o Political reasonswomen would vote conservative (Liberal View) or Women
would vote Labour or Liberal (Conservative view) ­ wouldn't risk loosing
Leader of the liberal party
o Asquith pm 190816 openly against voted for women
o more pressing issues to deal with ­ Ireland and Irish nationalists
Male attitudes towards women
o women second class citizens physically, mentally and morally inferior
o In different spheres ­ men the protectors and breadwinners and women the
child bearers and homemakers
o Unable to cope with politics
Female attitudes towards votes for women
o many thought women shouldn't have the vote or any form of education
o Queen Victoria was against women's suffrage
Lack of support from working class women
o made up the majority of women in Britain
o suffragettes opposed to w/c support
o couldn't afford to participate in violent actions no servants to take care of
the home
Split in women's suffrage movement
o Divided over tactics to use to gain the vote
o Originally all women fought with the Suffragists (NUWSS) ­ peaceful tactics
with marches and petitions led by Millicent Fawcett
o Split into the WSPU led by Emiline Pankhurst and her daughters who
believed in violence to gain the votes
Violent tactics of the suffragettes
o smashing windows, pouring acid, burning buildings and attacking mps
caused negative effects
o further split the suffrage movement
o proved women couldn't be trusted with the vote
World War 1
o campaigning suspended to focus attention on the war effort
o Many took over the jobs of men proving they were as able as men
o When the war ended in 1918, certain women over 30 were granted the vote
o Delayed women's suffrage


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